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Thread: How do you listen to Elvis?

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    How do you listen to Elvis?

    I have noticed over the years that as technology improves at how Elvis' music seems to get better with time, soundwise. I just recently broke down and got sirius xm radio to have 24-hour Elvis and I have it hooked up to a 2011 Onkyo home theater system. Let me tell you after listening to Elvis in stereo form for the past decades to now hearing it in surround sound is like rediscovering the music of Elvis all over again. I set the mix to neo:6 music level and it blows stereo mix out of the water. However, the mono mixes are still in mono, unfortunately, but the stereo mixes sound fabulous. IPods are nice and may be more appealing to kids for some reason, but they don't present a full room sound that a home theater system does.

    Example; I listened to Such A Night in a sample mix and the bass was more impacting in the neo mix than in stereo. I suggest for everyone to try this, if you have a modern day home theater system. Live concerts recorded in stereo or binuaral are excellent to listen to in surround sound. It literally sounds like you are there.

    So back to my question. How do you listen to Elvis?
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    Re: How do you listen to Elvis?

    I don't think we can get sirius in the UK can we?... shame!!!

    I mainly listen to him in the car, although I have an i-phone, I play the cd's. I love having the full package in my hands, as opposed to downloading music......

    At home, I prefer to watch

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    Re: How do you listen to Elvis?

    Our sound system is from 1986.. haha!
    Other than that - I mainly listen to him while working out or going to school.

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    Re: How do you listen to Elvis?

    In the car, on my media player on the computer and Sirius radio on our TV.

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    Re: How do you listen to Elvis?

    Any way I can, most of the time on my i-pad.
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    Re: How do you listen to Elvis?

    I listen to music in the car, on my home stereo system, thru our RCA surround sound for the tv.
    In 1979 when I got my first VCR which cost near $900 and weighted about 70lbs.-I went to Radio Shack and bought a small PA system for about $150 and I hooked it into the VCR and had true stereo for our movie watching. I wish I had patented that idea in 79.....might be rich today
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    Re: How do you listen to Elvis?

    With my ears!! lol

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