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Thread: Aloha From Hawaii - 2012

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    Aloha From Hawaii - 2012

    I have never made a wallpaper of the Aloha From Hawaii show that I have been really satisfied with! So I thought do something simple and try to not over think it to much, I'm at my best when my mind is blank ha ha
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    Re: Aloha From Hawaii - 2012

    Very cool 10 out of 10 !!!!!
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    Re: Aloha From Hawaii - 2012

    I like it a great deal. A very modern look. I especially like it because it has a picture of Elvis from the actual show, not the mess that RCA released back in 1973. IMHO, a very disappointing album cover by RCA back then.. Your design is very stylish, a GREAT job!


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    Re: Aloha From Hawaii - 2012

    Definitely a great looking wallpaper my friend!!


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