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Thread: Elvis the movie director?

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    Elvis the movie director?

    The pictures on the Elvis app this week had me thinking about Elvis if he were alive today. There are a few pictures of Elvis behind the camera. What would be some of the things he would be doing today?

    Everybody knows Elvis loved movies. A lot of movie stars today start out acting and then turn to directing. I wonder if Elvis would have ever like to or directed a movie.
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    Re: Elvis the movie director?

    would be a great thought, that he channelled his energies into something different and constructive..........

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    Re: Elvis the movie director?

    didn't the Gladiators start out as a karate movie he wanted to produce?

    he might have gone into producing movies, maybe even music
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    Re: Elvis the movie director?

    Would have been cool to see Elvis writing his own movies. I wonder what that would be about. and then he could have put in all the ones who telling him to sing all the kids songs in his movies as he hated and tell they to do the same now because now itīs his own time to say what they have to do or not xD i would love see that lol

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    Re: Elvis the movie director?

    Well it is true that Elvis was a hardcore cinema lover. We all know about his beloved nightly marathons at the memphian theater.

    He watched repeatedly many kinds of movies, analise them and all. His aiming to produce The New Gladiators, which by the way, all the original idea was his, he only hired the script writer to take his ideas on paper, was probably a clue that he might have gone that direction in decades to come.

    Sadly by '74 his mind was pretty messed up, and the Gladiators project wasn't finished, I think that was a tragedy, as the movie actually had potential, and if good reviews where to happen, it could have gave something to look forward to Elvis during those confused days.

    Elvis the movie director/producer, I could see that happening if he had lived longer.

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