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Thread: Controversial 1977 question

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    Controversial 1977 question

    Im sorry to ask this question, but I always thought about it but never tried to discuss it with other fans... I dont want to make this theme sound morbid or stupid (but maybe that it is...), but why there is so little photographs from July 1977? We know that Elvis was a very observed person, by press, by fans etc., but for me, it always seemed strange that we have a lot of photos from Indianapolis and then we have some well known photographs from August 1977. Elvis was the most photographed man ever, he was photographed few times during the last week of his life, is that possible that there is really none photograph from one whole month? We have candid photographs from 77, but Ive never seen shot from July 77, just June or August - why?

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    Re: Controversial 1977 question

    Well, if we believe all of the stories that have been told about Elvis, during the last few months of his life, Elvis was a virtual recluse and hardly ever went out. So unless someone else has more proof, I would have to guess this probably has a lot to do with why there are no pictures from July '77.


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    Re: Controversial 1977 question

    He apparently took a trip to Tupelo during July but in general Elvis was probably at home for most of the month. There are quite a few photos from August.

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    Re: Controversial 1977 question

    Quote Originally Posted by rickb View Post
    He apparently took a trip to Tupelo during July but in general Elvis was probably at home for most of the month. There are quite a few photos from August.
    Yes, there are a few photos from August, some of them on a motorcycle trip to visit his mother's resting place, and also a few others of Elvis leaving Graceland in a Car, not the "last photo" ones but some other a bit earlier that month. Didn't knew about the Tupelo trip, that's quite interesting, the guy might be trying to find himself in order to get his mess together again? after all he had asked CBS to not air the filmed show, and that he will redo the special again in October looking and sounding better. I think there is some evidence of Elvis doing some effort to comeback again during that last days, painfuly, it was to late.

    But its an interesting question Peter, don't see anything wrong with it, and yes I guess there ain't much pictures around this time as he spend most time resting in private, well, he definetively needed that.

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