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Thread: Fashion For A King

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    Fashion For A King

    Fashion For A King, a 500 page book produced by Pal Grandlun for FTD, that focuses on Elvis' stage suits from 1969 on. The book holds several unseen pictures with 'rare' suits and comes with two live CDs from 1974 and 1975. The...

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    Re: Fashion For A King

    The name should be Pl Granlund, the text to this book is made by Tommy Edvardsen and Atle Larsen, the pictures comes from Pl Granlund and Kenny Kjhl`s collection. Fashion for a king did it`s time in the Norwegian Fanclub Flaming Star for a few years, and now it comes out as a huge book done together with FTD.

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    Re: Fashion For A King

    Definitely looks like a winning release from FTD!!!

    Curious to see which shows from '74 and '75 they choose to release...


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    Re: Fashion For A King

    ELVIS MATTERS state the two soundboards won't disappoint... can't wait for this beauty!

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    Re: Fashion For A King

    I think a book with a photo of every jumpsuit with a list of where he wore it and concert details would be cool

    When you look at the suits chronologically, it's interesting to see how they changed over time from simple designs to elaborate and very multicultural
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    Re: Fashion For A King

    Yes his stage suits were so fun to see-and they did become so complicated as time passed. I prefered the simple designs but loved to see what theme would be next.
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