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Thread: Donald Rumsfeld Speaks About Elvis

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    Donald Rumsfeld Speaks About Elvis

    Please go to the following URL:

    Quite positve when you consider Rumsfeld was not of the rock 'n' roll generation.


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    Re: Donald Rumsfeld Speaks About Elvis

    Found it quite interesting that he loves Elvis singing ballads and gospel, thanks for posting!
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    Re: Donald Rumsfeld Speaks About Elvis

    Cool interview. Thanks for posting !!
    If your an Elvis fan, no explanation is necessary....
    If your not, no explanation is possible!

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    Re: Donald Rumsfeld Speaks About Elvis

    Very interesting inded. It shows you that you can never really judge a person's inner qualities and passions just by external means. It was a overall nice interview and very amusing.

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    Re: Donald Rumsfeld Speaks About Elvis

    Thanks for posting. E had a way of winning people over and here is one he did with both his voice and his patriotism.

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    Cool Re: Donald Rumsfeld Speaks About Elvis

    I really liked it when I saw it the other day and with the very positive ending,that was really nice!!! But I really got annoyed and burning up

    like a paper cup(oh baby I'm on fire)and ticked off at the typical B.S. fat comments,as they are just so exaggerated and

    people just seem to make these stupid fat comments out of habit!!! Elvis was never that badly overweight even at his worst

    and at any weight he was always head and shoulders above anybody else in looks and coolness and his amazing presence

    was,is and always will be unmatched!!!!! But the overall interview was great and showed how much he was admired and how

    people are so in awe of him,including Donalds wife!

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