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Thread: Poor Sound Quality on FTD's Follow That Dream

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    Deke: Sorry, I guess my ears are just "messed" up. I do find it strange that Ernst hasn't had any comment about this. Perhaps he's on a long vacation/holiday somewhere and is avoiding anything that seems like work.
    I do agree that these sorts of things shouldn't happen considering the price we pay for FTD releases. Doesn't Ernst(or someone) listen to the final master before it goes to press? Sure would like to hear from Ernst. And before someone jumps all over me for being critical I would like to say that I support Ernst/FTD and the (generally speaking) fine job they are doing.
    Without them it would still be the eighties.
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    Jerry I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have nothing but praise for Ernst but he can't do it all by himself. Surely there is someone to listen to the master disc before the mass production happens....but by the sign of things that have slipped by I am beginning to wonder. I would like to meet Ernst one day he is hero of mine in the Elvis world.

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    basd quality for ftd...

    not only the movie soundtrack but what about the closing night. I have for maybe 20 years or so the audio tape of both show of this vegas date and the audience sound is better than the ftd release. so sometime when a new cd is coming with audience we should hear it before judging it. have a nice day. Bogarcon

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