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Thread: 69/70 Imports ignored ?

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    69/70 Imports ignored ?

    With the new 69 FTD i thought it a good time to play a few of my old 69 boots Here I go again Diamond Anniversary Editions DAE 3595-5 (Released 1995), In Dreams of yesterday for eg. And of course it hits u again just how good these old boots still sound, so my thought is why arent the new labels repackaging some of these classics from 69/70 instead of these dreary PA 76/77 releases there are so many from this period that u cant buy anymore, so as a collector surely remastering the classic performances would sell, ur opinions guys ?

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    Re: 69/70 Imports ignored ?

    This Is A Great Point, Love To See Them Get A Makeover.

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    Re: 69/70 Imports ignored ?

    1971 always felt somewhat like a lost year. RCA had lots of studio material left over from 1970 and Elvis recorded enough new material in 1971. I gues this lead to very few shows being recorded by RCA.

    1969 RCA recorded several shows to release as his comeback show
    1970 many Las Vegas shows recorded for TTWII
    1971 ?
    1972 several shows recorded for On Tour (Madison Square Garden included)
    1973 besides the Aloha, very little recordings
    1974 ?
    1975 ?
    1976 to compensate the few studio recordings, many shows were recorded by RCA as possible new album or for additional live songs
    1977 idem
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