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Thread: 'Elvis In Concert' - Mohegan Sun Arena Ct.

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    'Elvis In Concert' - Mohegan Sun Arena Ct.

    According to one fan who attended the Mohegan Sun Concert (12th) there wasn't a jumpsuited Elvis fan in sight. Apparently, the Arena was about half full although other reports indicate it was a sell-out. No new content. Google Earth Intro not used. I suspect, however, that the Google aspect will be included in the European concerts for 2012. As usual the music could have been louder. Still a good show though.


    James Burton - Lead Guitar
    Glen Hardin - Piano
    PaulLeim - Drums
    Nathan East - Bass

    Sweet Inspirations -Estelle Brown, Portia Griffin, Unknown Female

    Terry Blackwood, Joe Moscheo

    Joe Guercio - Musical Director

    16 Piece Orchestra

    Estelle gave a brief tribute to Myrna saying that The Sweets will continue until "God tells us when to stop".

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    Re: 'Elvis In Concert' - Mohegan Sun Arena Ct.

    Glad to see the show performing here in the U.S. again, although it's sad to see the list of original band members and back-up vocalists touring with the show getting smaller and smaller...


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    Re: 'Elvis In Concert' - Mohegan Sun Arena Ct.

    The following very interesting post from fan Perry Rubino appeared on the site. Talking about the Mohegan Sun Concert Perry states:

    I was there it was 70 % full but was actually sold out!

    From what I heard hackers got in, and took peoples money, and when people arrived the security was ready and told those people those tickets are illegal, so there was a lot of issues hackers also took tickets off the market, so when you called up like ticketmaster like I did, they said there were only 100 tickets left 1 week ago, so horrible.

    I hope they didnt do this to Radio city which is today. The band rocked! James burton was truly amazing!!!

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    Re: 'Elvis In Concert' - Mohegan Sun Arena Ct.

    I will be at the radio city show tonight. I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes....

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