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Thread: Free Elvis 'Love Songs' CD In Mail On Sunday

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    Free Elvis 'Love Songs' CD In Mail On Sunday

    Please go to the following URL:

    Unusual selection for a change.

    Regarding the sales aspect of the 'freebie' CD's' given away in newspapers, I confirmed with Sony(UK) today and they state that they do NOT count towards Elvis' sales as they are giveaways. Personally, I think they should count but I suspect it is in the 'too difficult' tray. Each sale would have to be passed through a POS (Point Of Sale) machine and most outlets have not got them.

    Believe it or not, more than 1.2 Million Elvis CDs were issued with The Sunday Times June 2001 on one day!

    The Daily Mail sells about two million copies! So the numbers are substantial by any measure.

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