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Thread: The Final Curtain boxset (full review)

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    Re: THE FINAL CURTAIN - Full Review

    $500? Wow k. why is we fans always get fleeced? Elvis would not like this for his fans. And the $795. You have to be rich to be an Elvis fan. I dont think Elvis was aobout that.
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    Re: THE FINAL CURTAIN - Full Review

    I can see your point about the price and previously released stuff, Danny. For example, they could have combined the Omaha/RC shows on one disc.
    Still, I'm enjoying the set

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    Re: THE FINAL CURTAIN - Full Review

    me too - the disc of news casts is interesting to compare to another DVD I have of Memphis news broadcasts

    I was stunned to see a clip of Elvis' screen test of Blue Suede Shoes in the news cast in 77 - I thought that hadn't been located until they put out the 2 volume Greatest Performances VHS tapes in the early 90's
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    Re: THE FINAL CURTAIN - Full Review

    Quote Originally Posted by danny View Post
    I was never interested in that release.
    So what? Why didn't they release only the new material? 3 CD's + 1 DVD. For let's say $100.
    How sad that the quality is terrible.
    More new material,less reissue and lower price. Simple as that.
    It happened in the last moment,in december,after nearly 6 months of waiting. A few days after they revealed the content,the box was already sold out and unavailable.
    I've already read a great part of the book years ago. You know,the reviews were "borrowed" (= stolen) from the elvisconcerts site.
    Why? I already own 80% of the audio. They stole the audio from old bootlegs and even FTD's (some of them were released only 1 or 2 years ago) and now they expect the fans to re-cash $500 for well-known material. 80% of this box is completely useless for me,so i wouldn't call it "good value for money".
    This is a useless trash,with some new and interesting material on it. Unfortunately we're only talking about 20%.
    I tried to post this reply yesterday but couldn't access the site at that moment...

    Danny, I'm sorry you are disappointed with the box-set. But you do seem to be in the real minority here.

    In a similar “expensive comparison”, I paid $190 for Elvis Files Vol.2 and thought that great value - although the majority of the content had been "assembled" from elsewhere.

    While Final Curtain is indeed more expensive I am happy with the new content and the way it has been put together in a very professional look at Elvis’ last months.
    Sure a lot of the reviews were “borrowed” from Francesc’s site (and I hope he was contacted by the Boxcar guys as he is a great guy) however they are only newspaper reviews in the same way a lot of the content of the Elvis Files is from the public media.
    Francesc didn’t actually write those reviews.

    I guess the BEST THING for you is that you can ONSELL your set for bug bucks and make a profit.
    Try on Ebay where one went for Euro890!!

    To be honest I have bought too many audience recordings in the past that were CRAP and deserved only one listen before being filed away for ever, that I know what value-for-money feels to me!

    Recently spending over $100 for the FTD ‘King Creole’ book – one CD of stuff I own plus too many photographs from just one day of Elvis in the recording studio, THAT was a disappointment for me. Took me 2 hours to read, listen to & review for the site and that was it!!!!

    I still have whole days of enjoyment to be got from The Final Curtain.
    And, hell I am NOT even an Elvis 1977 fan!!!

    Sell your set, make money a pile of from it and be happy!!!
    There are plenty here who want it.

    EIN Final Curtain Review


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    Re: THE FINAL CURTAIN - Full Review

    Just Recieved My Copy of 'TFC' And Have To Say It Is Pleasing To Have That Quality And Sound At Last.
    Many Thanks To Boxcar. Shame On Graceland Enterprises.

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    Re: THE FINAL CURTAIN - Full Review

    I am sorry to say this ...All you do on this site is complain about import releases. No one makes you purchase these items. It is your choice to do so. If you feel they are " Trash " as you say then don't buy them it's that simple.
    Quote Originally Posted by danny View Post
    That's not problem at all. It was recorded badly so i'm not surprised that they can't improve it. I can accept it completely.
    The problem is the price,that is irreally high for so much reissued audio,video,pictures and even concert reviews.
    If the price were $200,i wouldn't complain at all. For a fair price even the drawbacks and faults would be acceptable. But for $500 i would expect at least 80% unreleased material and a faultless release.

    Here are 2 other honest reviews from another site:
    See See Rider

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    Re: The Final Curtain boxset (full review)

    I have to be honest and say that 1977 is not a preferable period of Elvis' life for me, although I still await the day when EPE/Sillerman wake up and smell the Java and release EIC in glorious Blu Ray, that day my friend will be the day I will pay silly money, not before.

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    Re: The Final Curtain boxset (full review)

    heck, the book in the final curtain set is mind blowing even without the cds & dvds
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    Re: The Final Curtain boxset (full review)

    Although I have 'The Complete Works' set (which I wouldn't part with for all the tea in China), i couldn't decide whether I wanted to spend money on a release which captures our guy looking and sounding less than perfect.
    However, I saw one yesterday and decided to buy it....£270

    I'm sure it's something i will watch through once, then put it away, probably more for the historical purpose than anything else.

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