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Thread: Small unclarity about the very last day

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    Re: Small unclarity about the very last day

    Quote Originally Posted by monk37 View Post
    There's many accounts of who came up when Ginger called

    Joe first, Joe and Charlie, Al Strada??? different books say different things.

    in the Nancy Rooks maid remembers book - she said that she got Ginger's call and she went up, saw Elvis and then called for Joe.

    I'd never read that account before her book - perhaps because no one had interviewed her?
    I've always heard that Al Strada was the one who was upstairs first.
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    Re: Small unclarity about the very last day

    Sadly we will never know for sure. It is a mystery Elvis took to his grave.

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    Re: Small unclarity about the very last day

    People want to know all these things, and feel maybe they are owed answers-but even if all the questions were clear and easily answered-we are not the people answers are owed to. We are fans of someone that we loved for his singing and charisma-but just fans. Not family, not super close friends, nor even acquaintances-we feel closer than that I know-but sometimes we should realise we are not. Sure Elvis was a public person, but how much do we need to know or have a right to know? How much do we "think" we have the right to know? Two very different things. IMO
    I love discussing Elvis, if I had all my time free I probably would spend more doing so, but somethings we will never know, never be positive of and all the questions and speculative answers in the world will not change that.

    IMO The people who really did deserve answers, and had their own questions......evidently got them... or we would have seen non stop investigations until the questions were answered.
    I am happy Elvis lived, and has given me so much pleasure with his music and performances, and at times the tabloid mentality just gets to me.
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