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Thread: "Fool" FTD Replacement Disc

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    "Fool" FTD Replacement Disc

    I recieved my replacement disc today from FTD
    Did anyone else recieve there's?

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    Re: "Fool" FTD Replacement Disc

    Mine is on the way to me, but I've read that they (FTD) have screwed up the track list on the Chicago cd!

    What's going on at FTD???? Are they on dope?????
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    Re: "Fool" FTD Replacement Disc

    what was wrong with the Fool disc?
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    Re: "Fool" FTD Replacement Disc

    I want replacement copy for the Chicago FTD. I paid for a perfect copy and not for a sloppy amateurish junk.
    Ernst jorgensen needs to be replaced because he's an amateur. One mistake after another... He didn't even replace all the Fool FTD's,it turned out that A Minnesota Moment is wrongly dated
    and now here's another faulty FTD. Are they on marijuana? Or they are just sloppy *****s?

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    Re: "Fool" FTD Replacement Disc

    Hi There,
    Lets face it, the best stuff these days comes from non RCA sources as most of the official releases are simply re-hash under a different front cover.I've pre-ordered ''ELVIS THE FINAL CURTAIN'' boxset from Boxcar and can't wait till January for this amazing,well thought out release.Why can't RCA think this way ?
    Happy Holidays To All.

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    Re: "Fool" FTD Replacement Disc

    They always promise that it will never happen again,still it happens again and again. I can't trust them anymore.
    As for the bootlegs,i 100% disagree! There are at leat 20 or 30 great bootlegs each year. Many of them are re-releases,but the same goes for most of the FTD titles,too. Even this Chicago double CD is a 100% reissue.

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