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Thread: Paradise Hawaiian Style

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    Paradise Hawaiian Style

    Presley and the crew spent a lot of time at the Polynesian Cultural Center during filming, which was the location for the Drums of the Islands production number. They developed a close relationship with the staff, most of whom were students at the nearby Brigham Young University Hawaii campus. When one commented that the actress working alongside Presley for these scenes originally was wearing an outfit which was somewhat more revealing than those worn by the actual hostesses, Presley ordered the costume to be changed to one more appropriate. When it was time for Presley and the crew to leave PCC, they held a special, private luau to bid goodbye. At the end, dozens of the staff took off their leis, placing them around Presley's neck and shoulders. There were many tears, both in the staff and in the movie crew, including Presley. As they left, one of his assistants moved to take the hot, massive bunch of flowers, but Presley refused, wearing them all until returning to his hotel, an hour away on the south side of Oahu. As a result of this relationship, the end title sequence gives a special thanks to the people at PCC.

    I never tire of watching the 2 Drums Of The Island sequences in this movie. I always watch Elvis intently when he is being carried down the river waving to people on the shore. You can tell he is genuine in what he is doing. Unfortunately I don't think the young actress sitting next to him is. Watch her throughout this sequence and she looks as if she is more into herself. In the end sequence I get the feeling Elvis was really happy shooting this and being with the different Island people. I always get a special feeling when he is with our Maori Poi Group. I think the above article shows that there was something special there.
    I get a little sad also when I watch this and realise that Elvis never saw the world or expereinced different cultures. If he had thing may have been different for him.The pics below were take at the farewell luau.The larger of the 2 pics is a Maori lady giving Elvis the traditional Maori greeting. a Hongi, where you touch noses. I have also included a new edit I did of the river sequence.
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    Re: Paradise Hawaiian Style

    Dear Cliff,you know yet my love for Maori and all Polynesian people and when I watch this movie I love this scene.But I love, particularly, the final scene with the drums, it brings me always tears of joy.

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    Re: Paradise Hawaiian Style

    Thank you Cliff, very special, I also like this scene very much, it's very touching, beautiful song.

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    Re: Paradise Hawaiian Style

    Yes I wish Elvis Could liver longer and experience other cultures too , it would make a big difference for him ! Cliff , your comment made me go and watch the last scene again ! really beautiful and touching..........

    He was the firstest with the mostest.

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    Re: Paradise Hawaiian Style

    Enjoyed that Cliff.Just what I needed to chase away the winter blues! many thanks.

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    Re: Paradise Hawaiian Style

    Beautiful, I loved the diferent dance groups - they look like they are dancing just for him, too!

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    Re: Paradise Hawaiian Style

    Thank you Cliff, I enjoyed watching this again very much. The scenery is beautiful and the song lovely.

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