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Thread: Kurt Russell on Elvis

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    Kurt Russell on Elvis

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    Re: Kurt Russell on Elvis

    That was great! I think he played Elvis very well. Seems all have good things to say about Elvis,,, as Larry King keeps saying" I've never heard a bad thing about him"

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    Re: Kurt Russell on Elvis

    I agree with you 100%. Kurt seems to have the whole "Elvis thing" down pat. From the way he plays him to the accent. Look at him in 3,000 miles to Graceland. He did Elvis' voice stone cold. Its obvious that he holds a deep respect for Elvis.
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    Re: Kurt Russell on Elvis

    I love the movie with Kurt Russel, I think it is one of the best movies about Elvis.

    I LOVE
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    Re: Kurt Russell on Elvis

    The movie where Kurt Russell played Elvis is what turned me on to Elvis! This was brilliant!! Thanks for sharing this Sonny.

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    Re: Kurt Russell on Elvis

    Thanks a lot for this video

    Very interesting to see how Kurt Russell thinks about Elvis

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    Re: Kurt Russell on Elvis

    very nice, thanks for sharing

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