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Thread: Graceland rooms

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    Graceland rooms

    Hi all!

    Maybe there is something about this before, but i didn't find anything.

    I am wondering if someone could tell me, or show pictures of like a "blueprint" of Graceland inside. I have been to Graceland 2 times, and i always wondered whats inside all the rooms we cant go and look into. I saw there was a lot of doors downstairs, and a bit upstairs.

    Also if someone having a picture of the hole Graceland property it would be interesting to look at. And i looked at a post here about a secret room, anyone know anything more about that, is says you can see it from the streets ? Anyone have pictures ?

    Hope someone can help, and sorry for my bad English!

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    Re: Graceland rooms

    Here are some floor plans, toffe

    That aint tactics honey....that's just the beast in me.

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    Re: Graceland rooms

    great, now I can finally build it myself
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    Re: Graceland rooms

    Interesting upstairs map. Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Graceland rooms

    Quote Originally Posted by Albert View Post
    great, now I can finally build it myself
    When's the housewarming party going to be Boss???


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    Re: Graceland rooms

    Thanks for the floor plans!

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