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Thread: Elvis Presley And Nancy Sinatra On The Speedway

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    Elvis Presley And Nancy Sinatra On The Speedway

    Paul Lichter, Tristan-Elvis Lichter and Joe Tunzi team up again for the Speedway Charlotte 600!: Many thanks to Paul Lichter for this exclusive information:
    "The boys are back. We are reassembling the team!!
    Elvis Presley And Nancy Sinatra On The Speedway will be a Paul Lichter and Joseph Tunzi production designed by Tristan-Elvis Lichter.
    Owing to the tremendous success of "Viva Elvis! Viva Ann-Margret! Viva Las Vegas!" we are proud to announce our new deluxe hardback book which will feature over 200 color and black/white photographs, the majority being published for the first time.

    Rest assured that Tristan's unique and exciting design elements will put every Elvis fan in the lead race car at the Charlotte 600. Elvis rockin', Nancy Sinatra lovin', all the excitement of this beloved Elvis film classic captured on the pages of this strictly limited collectors edition book.
    I also wanted to give all visitors to the Elvis Information site the opportunity to purchase the new JAT Elvis On Tour book at a special sale price at We have extended the sale for your visitors until August 10th."
    To order Elvis On Tour at the special pre-publication price visit the Elvis Unique website (and go to the New Releases link)
    Read EIN's view of the Lichter-Tunzi collaboration, Viva Las Vegas
    Click here for more about Paul Lichter's books
    Paul Lichter talks to EIN

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    Re: Elvis Presley And Nancy Sinatra On The Speedway

    Thank you very much Franny for the info.

    I dream a world where man no other man
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    Re: Elvis Presley And Nancy Sinatra On The Speedway

    Thank you Franny, interesting article

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    Re: Elvis Presley And Nancy Sinatra On The Speedway

    Thanks for this Franny. I was like a kid in a candy store when I saw this. Some of those prices though . . . .phewww. There's one magazine that caught my eye called "Elvis Presley:Hero or Heel". I was given this magazine in the late 50's by a school friend. Like a silly teenager I cut the pics out to put on my wall. I see now they're asking $250 for this.

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