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Thread: So, who's all going to go see Elvis On Tour in theaters?

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    Re: So, who's all going to go see Elvis On Tour in theaters?

    I will be there no doubt, just thinking about gives me chills. Im very excited and cant wait
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    Re: So, who's all going to go see Elvis On Tour in theaters?

    Just saw it tonight. It was amazing! The theater is the best place to watch an Elvis concert.

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    Re: So, who's all going to go see Elvis On Tour in theaters?

    I just walked in the door from the theater. It was a stellar concert. E was electrifying and proved once again (like he actually needed to) why he was/is the greatest entertainer to ever grace a stage. Long live the King. TCB baby!
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    Re: So, who's all going to go see Elvis On Tour in theaters?

    Wow!!! I thought was going to be only one of a few in my area (Long Island NY) to watch this movie. I'm am pleased to say I was one of many!! My theater was sold out and in speaking with a guy sitting next to me 2 other theaters were completely sold out! I know there was a 4th one showing it and I'm sure they were sold out too. It was such a great experience to watch this movie with other dedicated Elvis fans. What a fantastic night! :-)

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    Re: So, who's all going to go see Elvis On Tour in theaters?

    I went and saw EOT last night at a theater near my house and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to see how many people were there, especially since there was ABSOLUTELY NO ADVERTISING anywhere the theater...not on the marquee outside and no where inside either. That was truly disappointing. Not a single poster, banner or even a sign about the movie being played. Very, VERY disappointing. In fact once we handed the usher our tickets and made our way to the theater, the sign above the door only read "Special Event". NOT ONE MENTION OF ELVIS!!!

    I have to say that I thought the introduction piece talking about the making of the film was informative, although perhaps a bit too lengthy. Of course we also were inundated with the usual Priscilla "here I am, it's all about me" remarks as she spoke about how BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER was a message to her, while "Founder of Elvis Presley Enterprises" was plastered on the bottom of the screen while she was talking. The topper though was the last little "introduction" she gave before the movie started...UGH!!! Clearly she was reading from a script, teleprompter, cue card, etc. To me, it appeared as though she could care less about what she was reading...except for the part about coming down to Memphis for Elvis Week, which of course means more money for her...but I digress...

    Then...the majestic roaring of the MGM lion and the beginning of the movie...FINALLY!!! As a relatively younger guy, I never had the opportunity to see Elvis on the big screen when Elvis' movies originally came out. My first taste of Elvis on the big screen was the premiere screening of TTWII-SE in Memphis during Elvis Week 2000. So I knew when it was announced that EOT was coming to theaters, I HAD to be there!!! Once again I was truly let down though, once the opening credits rolled. To learn that all of the pre-screening speculation that JOHNNY B. GOODE was not included in the movie was ACTUALLY true....another UGH!!! Instead, we had DON'T BE CRUEL running over the opening credits...and even being looped a second time because the song was shorter than the just wasn't right!!! JOHNNY B. GOODE has been the opening number for EOT since 1972, and to see this movie on the big screen without it...I was disappointed. Oh how I wish those internet rumors had been wrong...

    As for the rest of the movie, what can I say?? It was ELVIS ON TOUR...absolutely FANTASTIC!!! I do have to say though that I was bit disappointed in the sound quality of the movie though...whether it was my theater or whether it was the movie, the sound to me didn't sound much better than my video copy of the movie. Supposedly the sound has been remastered for the upcoming DVD/Blu-Ray release....I hope they sound better than it did last night.

    Anyway, it was a GREAT night all things considered. After all, how often do we get to see Elvis on the big screen where he belongs??? Not nearly often enough, that's for sure!!


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    Re: So, who's all going to go see Elvis On Tour in theaters?

    I will be seeing it in Memphis.
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