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Thread: Elvis Statues

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    Elvis Statues

    So, there's Elvis statues in Memphis, Tupelo, Shreveport, hawaii, Japan - how many other places?

    do does anything think that there's a modern person who has more statues of them around the world than Elvis?
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    Re: Elvis Statues

    there's on in Tokyo
    Shreveport has one, there's one in England that i think was comissioned by Sid Shaw.
    There's a statue in New Zealand
    plus these one

    There's 3 in Nashville http://www.angeladisrudphotography.c...-nashville-tn/

    I think there is one in Victoria, Australia but i can;t find any info

    One in The Elvis American Diner; Neve Ilan, Israel

    One in Vegas Elvis Statue,

    Just a quick search i did.
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    Re: Elvis Statues

    This tells of the Shreveport statue,

    I thought there was an Elvis statue in Texas, but there isn't. There is a Little Graceland in Texas. A tribute
    begun by a man who served in the Army alongside Elvis.

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    Re: Elvis Statues

    There's a 12 Foot Statue Of Elvis outside the 'Elvis Cafe' in Paphos, Cyprus.


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