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Thread: Aloha From UK 1973 - Help Please!

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    Aloha From UK 1973 - Help Please!

    January 14th, 1973 - Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite in aid of the Kui Lee Cancer Fund - beamed live to a number of countries in the Far East including Asia, Australia, China, Japan, etc. Apparently, the following night a further 28 European Countries were to experience this wonderful telecast - my question is: Was this transmitted in the UK on 15th Jan, 1973?

    I always thought that the UK didn't get to see this concert on TV until after Elvis' death and then what was screened was a very much edited edition which saw 'American Trilogy' cut to nonsensical bits very much as the same cut that was screened on BBC TV during the 10th anniversary of Elvis' death in 1987.

    Any information on this please guys - much appreciated!

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    Aloha was not beamed to the UK. The BBC were too cheap to pay the price the Colonel wanted for screening rights. They had to wait a long long time to see it. My father actually bought one of the first ever VCR machines so we could see it, copied by a friend in Europe.
    Hope this info helps!
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    If I'm not mistaken Aloha wasn't shown in the UK until 1978
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    Many thanks for your replies guys!

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