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Thread: A gift to Gladys

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    A gift to Gladys

    Just found this interesting item in the It?s Only Rock n Roll auction site.

    766: Elvis Presley Gold Record Given To His Mother

    Category: Elvis Presley, Record Awards
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    Not For Sale

    1957. The plaque reads: ?To Mom - With My Love ? Your Son?. This ?Love Me Tender? gold record, produced by Los Angeles based ?Disc Award, Ltd.? Is the earliest award we?ve yet encountered from the company that produced awards into the early 1980?s. The historical significance of this is obvious considering Elvis? well-known, undying love for his mother. The song?s sentiment certainly does correlate to one?s strong love for another. Although ?Love Me Tender? is one of the few songs for which Presley receives writing credit (as he was for all four of the movie?s songs), it has been long acknowledged that he had no part in the song?s creation. It was done per a previous royalty agreement only. 11.5 x 11.5?. Disc and plaque are in marvelous condition, but frame is in need of repair.
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    Aw that's so sweet! I wish his mama was still round. She deserves a round of 'pplause for bringin that wonderful man into our world!

    - Lisa
    "Somebody does somethin' stupid, that's human.
    They don't stop when they see it's wrong, that's a fool."
    - Elvis Presley
    apparently -- i was born in the WRONG era!

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