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Thread: Elvis Bio Re-issue

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    Elvis Bio Re-issue

    Plexus Publishing will re-issue the 2007 Jerry Hopkins Biograph "Elvis" Ono January 5, 2010. The book contains 352 pages and 60 photo's.

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    Re: Elvis Bio Re-issue

    What? Again? Geez, I need to invest in a Kindle!

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    Re: Elvis Bio Re-issue

    Seems weird, since Jerry just combined both his books into one new one, released over the summer

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    Re: Elvis Bio Re-issue

    With all of the other books out there, I wonder why they keep re-releasing Hopkins book? Back when it was originally released, it was a good book, but now there have been so many other books released about Elvis and I can't imagine why there is so much demand for this books re-release...


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    Re: Elvis Bio Re-issue

    The Hopkins combined bio is more accessible to thereader than the detailed Guralnick volumes. While the Hopkins' bio suffers somewhat from faulty research (facts) it nevertheless is the best 1 volume bio to date on Elvis!

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