Afew years ago a friend of mine came across some photos that were taken by sean shaver from this performance -these are from a well known set that sean sold, so seasoned fans will be familiar of what i;m talking about i hope , anyway the photos do show E.P. looking a little thinner than the tv special my point here is that this could have bin a great special if they concentrated on the good performances from this particular show tracks like if you love me ...and the inclusion of a great version of trying to get to you, and even take the omaha and i love you so , there was much the director/producers could have done to create a good show of what was to be his last tour, instead they wanted to feature the tragedy of an overweight "ENTERTAINER" who was still able to captivate his audience both in person and on screen. I still remember back in late 90's when the first tape leaked out of the rapid city outakes [it was b/w] i very much enjoyed it and was thankful to finally have it as were many it was just great to match the video to the album/cd that i had listened to for somany years, so do you think it could have bin better if they soly relied on the rapid city footage, if this thread has bin done before please forgive me .