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Thread: `Psychotronic' elvis

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    `Psychotronic' elvis

    I'm a fan of `B' movies and have recently been re-reading editions of the now defunct magazine `Psychotronic Video' which features interviews, reviews etc on horror, sci=fi, sex movies etc.
    There are some Elvis links.

    L.Q. Jones (Love Me Tender, Flaming Star and Stay Away, Joe):
    Re LMT: "Everybody was prepared to hate him (Elvis), even the crew which was very unusual. Elvis showed up two days later, everybody in the world loved him. We became really good friends, eventually did three pictures together."
    Re FS: "Elvis was a rather introverted personaility. If you happen to watch him on stage in the wings, he was having hissy fits he was so nervous. The instant he stepped out into the light he changed into an entirely different person.
    "He was not a good actor, he could have become one, but the prices they were paying for him at that point in time was so high that they expected him to come in, do his thing and leave. Don (Siegel) was helping him quite a bit."
    He also tells a long tale about Elvis being heavily into karate and fears on the set that he would injure himself. As a practical joke he turned up on set with a fake arm sling. "Siegel almost passed water."
    There are no specific comments about SAJ
    JULIE ADAMS (Tickle Me)
    "Elvis was a very charming, rather shy young man. There's something very touching about him - he was a gentleman, very polite."
    "He did all the musical numbers in one take, just brilliantly.
    "I had a scene where I sorta pursue him around a desk and kiss him and he was really very bashful. His Memphis friends would tease him. I found his shyness very interesting."
    DELORES FULLER (Ed Wood actress/partner and Elvis songwriter - Rock a Hula Baby, Spinout, Do the Clam, Barefoot Ballad - songs in 10 movies)
    The songs were demo-ed for about $600 each. "The songs would be selected to Bienstalk, the director, Colonel Parker and sometimes, but certainly not always, Elvis himself".
    Her memories of Parker are nor positive. I was fighting a world where there weren't too many women doing what I was doing. Col Parker, he was never very nice to me. He was nice to my co-writer, Ben Wiseman, so it didn't really matter but he didn't particularly like women on his team."
    She was invited to the set several times, including for the filming of Do The Clam. "Elvis comes over and invites me to his house. I thought it was pretty cool leaving all those 18 year olds to come over and talk to me."
    She also tried, unsuccessfully, for a role in Blue Hawaii.

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    Re: `Psychotronic' elvis

    Thanks, rickb, I've always liked these tid bits. I wish there were more
    Poke a little sock salad...

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