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Thread: is this autograph real or not

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    Post is this autograph real or not


    i was wondering if anyone can tell if this elvis presley autograph is genuine or not

    please only pm back if you know the authenticy
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    Re: is this autograph real or not

    i would say yes, i own three....

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    Re: is this autograph real or not

    looks pretty darn good to me! This article will help you decide for yourself, good luck

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    Re: is this autograph real or not


    Re your question about the authanticity of your Elvis autograph. This is a hard one. I know from my own experience and from what I've heard, no one signs the same way twice. This is why signing for anything is a joke, be it a check, credit card etc.

    Looking at the article on Elvis' autograph and the samples given, it is obvious Elvis was not known for his penmanship. I have also heard that he had people at Graceland who sign things for him.

    It seems to me the only way to tell for sure is to have it looked at by a handwriting expert. This could cost big bucks I would imagine..

    Below is an Elvis autograph I had his A&R get for me in the mid 60s. I sent a book on NZ and asked Mr Sholes if he could get elvis' autograph for me. I sent my autograph book to him (Mr Sholes). Being that Mr Sholes looked an honest man I trust that he did indeed get Elvis' autograph.

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