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Thread: The elvis Adrenalin dvd..what's it like?

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    The elvis Adrenalin dvd..what's it like?

    anyone have this or is there any reviews for it



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    The only online review I know of off hand for the DVD is on the following website.

    I must add that I do have the DVD, which in my opinion is a good product, but I personally found the review to be a little over the top in some of it's comments (for example it is not the first time good quality film from the 1969 engagement has been released).

    It is fair to say though that the producers have done a fantastic job with remastering the footage from 1970.

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    Hi susan thanks for your comments & spinout thanks for the link i didnt know about that site until now

    checkout the 70's pic section as i will be posting some shots before i go out


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    Quote Originally Posted by spinout-designs
    It is fair to say though that the producers have done a fantastic job with remastering the footage from 1970.
    This is true. If you want to buy it just for the restored 8mm Vegas footage from 1970 (and also some from 1969) you will probably enjoy it. Other than your money.
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    thanks mr songman for the info...appreciate it.


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    Just saw this, apart from a few movements taken from outtakes of EOT -and a few glimpses of the 69 season there is nothing really spectacular in watching a fairly stable 8 mm silent movie - you cannot really see the expression on Elvis' face, the camera was just that bit further away but basically it is a "silent home movie" of TTWII with the camers very focused on Elvis - and nothing else.

    A few "new" stage movements and watching Elvis perform without the MGM cameras. As we all know now the show was rehearsed and "routine" so there are no surprise movements to be seen.

    Ofcourse it was fun trying to guess which songs he was performing, a few are pretty easy : Tiger Man/ Lovin feeling .....I would much rather see the professionally filmed TTWII rather than this.

    The producers have done a good job adding instrumental music and some of the still photographs were very interesting....there seems to be a lot of "trailers" for the many books offered by this group and I have yet to see all of it.

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    I have this DVD.

    I think the first 30 min are great.
    But the next min. are boring you see Elvis with no sound!
    You see Elvis whit no good music on the back, for somthing like 60min long.....

    And you wont here Elvis singing.
    So it's boring for me.
    If you fan of 8mm, this is just great very clear video!!!!

    But remeber there is no Elvis Music on this DVD.


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