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Thread: Funeral Songs

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    dear me guys well done on this most cheerful of topics!

    i'm not going to say mine as i will jinx myself if i do but i would like to say that you guys have all picked some really beautiful songs
    I've got those hup, two, three, four, occupation G.I. Blues, From my G.I. hair to the heels of my G.I. shoes

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    Hmmm, I never really thought about that, but now I`m going to think about famely know about me and Elvis ofcause,lol, but...well, I better make the choises my self....just to get it right(they don`t know all the songs after all, not the way I do anyway)

    Will be thinking about it....

    Well, I`ve thought about it, choises are

    You`ll never walk alone
    Help me
    If that isn`t love
    Somebody bigger than you and I
    My way(Elvis in concert)
    His hand in mine

    Could easily pick more, but I don`t think they will play them all after all, so just these.....(wrote them down, hope it`ll be a long time before they are beeing played in church)
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    When my casket would be entering I would have them play Also Sprach Zarathustra. Then Lead Me, Guide Me. (He touched me, what a great album.) And I would have them say when the casket leaves Ladies and Gentlemen Joe has left the building.
    "When I was a child, ladies and gentlemen, I was a dreamer. I read comic books, and I was a hero in the movie. So every dream that I ever dreamed has come true a hundred times. I learned very early in life that without a song, the day would never end; without a song, a man ain't got a friend; without a song, the road would never bend; without a song. So I keep singing a song." - Elvis Presley

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    I have four songs in mind, they are:

    1) Peace In The Valley

    2) Memories

    3) We Can Make The Morning

    4) If I Can Dream

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    Thanks for this topic. My family might pick "Wooden Heart" as my funeral song
    so I'll talk to them this weekend!
    "Here's to our wives and girlfriends...may they never meet!".
    Groucho Marx

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    "What Now My Love" and played at full blast. Great topic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liverbobs View Post
    ....."Ladies & Gentlemen, Andrew Has left the building"
    That's a great one , I think I will steal it from you if you don't mind , I will replace Andrew with Tina
    For the songs it will definitely be 'American Trilogy', 'I'll Never Walk Alone' with reprise, 'Life' and others I haven't decided yet, maybe something to make them smile again....
    And I've instructed my daughter in case I would be in a coma or something similar, she must make sure that I can listen to Elvis 24/7

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy View Post
    Shake, Rattle & Roll I'm going out with a bang
    Yeah! You got the right attitude Tommy!

    My choice for the journey has always been sun single Mystery Train.

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