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Thread: If you had to drive cross country with only 1 Elvis CD...what would it be??

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    I would take the FTD-cd Spring tours '77.
    It's the only one I got in my car at the moment anyway.

    Adios !

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    I would take 'Suspicious Minds: The Memphis 1969 Anthology' because I always take these 2CDs on my trips. And... 'So High' FTD. Yes.
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    ultimate gospel, i am not a religious freak but it is so relaxing and beutiful to listen to.

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    It's a tough decicion to make, because I like live cd's, studio outtakes etc. (Anything where you can hear Elvis having fun.) But I think I would choose "raw" or a gospel album. (It doesn't matter whch one, because all the gospel albums are great.)

    Be safe and take care,

    Christel (TCE)

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    I think Id opt for the Memphis Record, but I'd suggest carpooling so we could have five choices!


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    Hard choice.

    The Suspicious Minds release recommends itself, as does the Elvis Country album, but because of its versatility I would pick The 68 TV Special. I don't like the sit down and stand up shows that much, but I am thrilled by the rest.

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    It's a hard to choose... I love Amazin Grace box set. Elvis was a marvelous gospel singer too. These CDs contain many beautiful songs.
    Maybe I could also take my Elvis 56 CD. That's one of my favorites. 50s rule!
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    I would take a CD from my Box Set "Elvis Walk a Mile in My Shoes" #2 The Singles


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    If "Peace In The Valley" count as one, then I'd would take that one with me. Otherwise I think I'll have to choose between TTWII and Fun In Acapulco (really).

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    That Is A Hard One For I Have So Many That Are My Favorites But Would Have To Be "elvis All Shook Up"(ftd)

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    Hmmm...that's a tough one, but I'd have to say my Love, Elvis CD. It's a must!!!

    "Man, I was tame compared to what they do now. Are you kidding? I didn't do anything but just jiggle." --Elvis in 1972

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    This is a good one, cause I was recently making a cassette for that; is not the same kind of music that I enjoy if im driving or if im doing school work on my PC or if Im in the shower or enjoing with friends or whatever...

    Driving, this is great causa I love driving, love to be alone on the road, looking at the landscapes and all that, ti relaxes me a lot.

    So my Elvis album for that, if I can only chose one that would be... ahhh is hard to say...

    For the road I?ll say I take the: Sun Sessions CD

    But of course what I realy will do is to burn a Cd or made a cassette with my favourite Elvis songs for that.

    I have to 90 min Cassette tapes that I made for a long driving trip recently as I was telling you, and is there in my car, don?t remember exactly all the songs and the order but its somthing like this:

    It begins with: Mystery Train (for sure) I Forgot TO remember to Forget, Tryng to Get to you, Blue Moon, Ill never Let you go litle darlin, That?s all right, dont remember which ones follows then but Baby Let?s Play house, Good Rockin, Milk Cow Blues, Just Because are there.
    Then I Got a WOman, My Baby left me, Lawdy Miss CLawdy, Shake Rattle, So Glad Your mine, Hound DOg, then I dont remember but When it Rains IT really pours, One nighm Blue Christmas adn Santa Clause is bakc in town are there...
    Big Hunk Of Love, I Got a Stung, I need You Love tonight, A fool Such as I, His Lattest Flame, Little SIster, Memphis Tenn... and some others

    Cassette two haha: Tomorrow is a Long Time, Down In the alley and stuff from the Nashville 67', 68', 7O? and 71' sessions (Guitar Man, Big Boss Man, Hi heel Sneakers, Too Much Monkey... Beyond de Reef, Funny How Times slips away, I Didnt Make it on Playin Guitar, Got My Mojo Workin, Don?t think twice its all right, (if its around December we need ofr sure: Ill be Home on Christmas Day, the electric guitar intro version please I realiced That I needed that one while I was driving,, that and merru christmas baby)

    Strnges in my own home town, both studio vesion and the slow jam from TTWII , then my cassette goes with: stuff form he 69 and feb 70 vegas seasons, reconcider baby 69, BaBy WHat you whant me to do, See Se rider, Walk a mile, Proud Mary, then... Burning Love, stuff from the Madison square garden: Polk Salad Annie, Never Been to Spain. From Stax Just a Little Bit, Found Out Whats Happening, and of Course: THE PROMISED LAND i like more the essential elvis rhythimn and country take. Thera are some other songs from there and the Today sessions but i I get too long I will bore you all. thank for being so patient.

    Hava a good trip.
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    Mad Tigers
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    This is a really hard question but I'd probably take Disc 2 of the "Live In Las Vegas" set, which is the August 11, 1970 midnight show filmed for "That's The Way It Is." It contains a wide variety of music and Elvis is in top form. Probably the best version of "Suspicious Minds" that I've heard, although the one on "Elvis At The International" is close, too.

    I'd probably cheat and sneak along Discs 1 & 3 of the 70's set, too, though. It's a long haul from Virginia to California.

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