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Thread: Behind the image ?

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    Behind the image ?

    I was watching the Elvis Adrenaline DVD, and the promos for the BEHIND THE IMAGE books + dvd, looked good so i wondered if any of u guys had this series ? anygood ?

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    Re: Behind the image ?

    i have book behind the image2. must say i was jut a little disappointed, the pics are small and i'd say the average is about 6 pics to a page. Good clear quality though and you can blow them up if you scan them.
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    Re: Behind the image ?

    the elvis behind the image series is called queen if the candids...
    for me the best candid book ever especially cause of the diarys from sandi miller...

    for 39 bucks nearly 400 to 500 pics ...great layout (like a comic books) which brings you direct into the story...great quallity...

    there is a dvd series too...

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