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Thread: Plastic surgery hall of Fame?

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    Plastic surgery hall of Fame?

    Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery

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    Even Olympic athletes need unnecessary surgery sometimes.
    Album: Celebrity Plastic Surgery Hall of Fame (Click to Enlarge)

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    Re: Plastic surgery hall of Fame?

    Why do good-looking people succumb to plastic surgery? Perhaps Linda Thompson and he got it done together when she and Bruce were married?

    If plastic surgery actually worked, and really made you look years younger, then everyone would get it done.

    Stars should take a leaf out of Joan Collins' book: she's had work done, sure, but they were minor operations over many years an she still looks great. Same with Sophia Loren.

    But why do some stars choose to go for the full overhaul? Cilla, Richard Chamberlain and - man, this guy is now a gargoyle! - Mr Mickey Rourke!
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