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Thread: Tell me your favourite Elvis sunglasses

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    Re: Tell me your favourite Elvis sunglasses

    Elvis owned many many pairs of the Aviator styles, I have been told the numbers where in the hundreds,
    He also had NeoStyle Nautic Glasses as seen On Tour in the Gospel section

    I personally like the Aviators he wore when meeting Nixon,

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    Re: Tell me your favourite Elvis sunglasses

    elvis ,in the early years around 1970 wore the polaroid 8004 model frames,these were the silver aviators everybody likes,from thats the way it is movie.made by polaroid corp. they were available to the general public till they were discontinued in the mid 70s.these were believe it or not ,not unlike the cheap plastic ones today,they too had a plastic frame and metal temples but much much higher quality,brass hinges, very sturdy frame,and polarized lenses,except his were custom lenses,and later with his ep in the bridge and tcb fixed to the temples.after polaroid discontinued this model he must of had them made by someone else maybe dennis roberts,that i dont know.i recently after about 25 years of looking, bought an almost new pair of these 8004 model frames with original lenses,they are about 40 years old and most awesome...............

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