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Thread: Elvis duets album being considered

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    I dislike duets albums with a passion. I'm sure that the powers that be will get around to an Elvis one eventually. In fact, I remember reading that the "Guitar Man" album was originally concieved as a duets album. But Felton Jarvis encountered all sorts of problems and shelved that idea.

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    I knew I could count on you Kev
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    Quote Originally Posted by Albert
    I'm not married with decisions made by RCA, producers or even Elvis during Elvis' recording carreer. If a producer nowadays can do nice things with an Elvissong, I'd say: pleas do it.

    If Elvis agreed with singing/releasing 'Old Mc Donals', 'Confidence' or other of the famous lowpoints in his carreer, what problem would it be if there are people today that really would try create something new or better?

    The Guitar Man LP was a really nice effort in 1980. This album has received much critizism by Elvisfans. Things like 'If Elvis would have wanted a song to sound like this, he would have recorded it like that' were often said. But those same people are enjoying undubbed masters (or takes). Also not the way Elvis/RCA decided to release it.

    So I'm in favor of making a duet album, a bigband album or a dance album. As long as it has that special Elvis feeling and when it's done with respect for his music (something Elvis didn't even always had).
    Well said, Albert.
    I'm on your side.

    It is interesting to speculate what songs would be used and what artists would do it.

    I've heard the "Don't Cry Daddy"-duet once and imo it is very good. It should definetly be part of such an album (if it ever happen).

    I personally like the idea of Madonna and Norah Jones being involved. Faith Hill and Sheryl Crow could be interesting, too. Shania Twain , not sure. Jon Bon Jovi, Paul McCartney, Bono, John Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Jones, Lenny Kravitz would be my choices for a male partner.

    But that's a matter of personal taste.
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    Shania Twain? no way! how about, Leann Rimes, Elton John, Eric Clapton,Sting, George Michael...or fantasic would it be to hear Elvis and Anastacia do a duet?
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    Ok like David I would go for Madonna, Norah Jones, Bono, Bruce Springsteen, Lenny Kravitz and I would like to add Robbie Williams and David Bowie.

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