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Thread: Where to start collecting?

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    Where to start collecting?

    Hello everyone!

    I'm quite new to this INCREDIBLE Elvis page and forum, just found it a couple of weeks ago. So far, I've just mainly been reading your posts, and man, you really seem to know what you are talking about!

    I am 25-year old male from Finland (anyone else here in Finland) and I've been a fan of Elvis for like 10 years (you have to blame my parents, because the first CD they bought me was some Elvis collection), but until recently I haven't been much of a collector. But now I have entered in the world of Elvis CDs and I'm really confused! There seems to be millions and millions CDs available. The official ones, FTDs, bootlegs (soundboard and audience recordings)... So far, I've tried to get my hands on some "must-have" CDs, like the "best" FTD-CDs and the official albums done while he was still alive (btw, does everyone here consider EP dead?). After buying some great FTD soundboard recordings I've really found out what a marvellous performer EP was even in 70s, which I never thought he had been. My collection so far is rather small, about 50 CDs.

    So, what my question is? What live recordings (official, FTD or bootleg) would you suggest or recommend? I'm really not a fan of audience recordings so far, so I prefer soundboard recordings.

    An other question also: is the "Elvis On Tour" (or was that the name of the document done of Elvis touring) released on DVD?

    Thank you for bearing me and my silly questions!


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    hi mikey, wlcome aboard . elvis on tour is not officially released... yet on dvd, although there are some pretty good dvd-r copies floating around on ebay. as far as the live shows go. thats a tough question . there are so many great shows from different years. the ftd soundboards are a good start. especially, 'dixieland rocks', tucson 76, it's midnight and live at the international. as far as 'unofficial releases' ant of the soundboards on the fort baxter label, as well as the madison and the now hard to find diamond anniversary label. again if you check ebay you could find some of these releases i'm sure. have a good time and again welcome aboard . rock on.... simmerrocks

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    Hi Mikey,

    Welcome aboard.....Elvis cd you are in for some fun There is so much to collect....but of course it depends how deep you want to go....i have been collecting cd's for nearly 20 years...and still love it to this get a terrific buzz when you find that hard to get cd

    As for which one's to get....there are a heck of a lot....and peoples opinions will vary.....the best of the Sounboard bootlegs....

    Most Fort Baxter are essential releases to my thats always a good place to start.....

    Elvis at full Blast
    Its a matter of time
    Spanish Eyes
    Just Pretend
    to name just four....then there are the 'A Profile' Box Sets....which are awesome....providing you can find - and afford them

    Then there is DAE....they released some terrific custom pack soundboards a few years ago....all are worth hunting down.....

    Here I Go Again
    Holding Back The Years
    Let Me Take You Home
    Old Times they are not forgotten
    From Sunset Blvd To Paradise Road (2cd)

    Others to look out for....Luxors...Guaranteed to blow your mind is among the very best there is....Madison's Event Number 8.....King Records...Deep Down South.....

    There are so many more out there....this is just a small list...but i guess you have to start somewhere....happy hunting
    TCB Chris.


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    Welcome to the board 'Mikey'.

    Since Elvis was at the peak of his performing powers in 1969 and 1970, among my first 'essentials' would be:

    Live In Las Vegas (4 disc set) BMG
    (includes a complete 1969 and a complete 1970 performance together with material from 'On Stage' and 'Burning Love' as well as soundboard higlights from the later years plus the essential Venus Rooms recordings from 1956)

    Elvis At The International FTD

    One Night In Vegas FTD

    That's The Way It Is SE (3 disc set) BMG
    (the live show on disc 2 of this set is a must have !)

    In Person BMG

    On Stage BMG (although if you have the Live In Las Vegas 4 disc set you have the 1970 portion of this material already)

    Collectors Gold (3 disc set) BMG
    (essential for the 1969 material on disc 3 alone)

    Of course as you already appreciate, there is much, much more to recommend, but the discs outlined above are a solid foundation to build any Elvis Presley live collection on.

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    Welcome to the mb,and enjoy your stay.

    My advice for someone starting out now,is to start at the new sun cd,and work your self forward.


    Sent you a pm.

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    It is a pleasure to have you join our TCB-Forum Family!!! And, since you are just starting out in the world of Elvis collecting, you have DEFINITELY come to the right place!! We have LOTS of great discussions here, and everyone is quite knowledgable in the in's and out's of Elvis collecting, no matter what area of collecting you are most interested in!

    As for your question regarding Elvis live soundboard recordings and which ones are the best to collect, that's a tough one to answer! There are so many GREAT soundboards out there, both official and bootleg....everyone seems to have hit the biggest ones already, but one FTD release you might want to consider is SPRING TOURS '77...while not a complete concert, it really is a great look into Elvis' live performances in 1977! Certainly some GREAT tracks on this CD, and it really helps to dismiss the rumors about how poor Elvis' performances were in 1977!

    And, I know you asked about live soundboard recordings in your post specifically, but just to move aside from soundboards briefly, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND picking up a copy of THE JUNGLE ROOM SESSIONS, also from FTD. This album contains outtakes from Elvis' recording sessions held in the Jungle Room at Graceland in February and October, 1976. Personally, I feel THE JUNGLE ROOM SESSIONS should be mandatory in EVERY Elvis fans collection!!!

    Hope this helps you out some! Again, WELCOME to the board and hope to see you around the board soon!!


    TCB-World...OPEN for business!!!

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    Hi Mikey. My advice is very short - don't "start collecting". Keep choosing your Elvis music purchases for listening pleasure only, never for mounting on the wall or checking off on a list. Don't even call it a 'collection'. (h)



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