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Thread: From Burbank To Memphis

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    From Burbank To Memphis

    From Burbank To Memphis


    01. Long black limousine
    02. This is the story
    03. You'll think of me
    04. A little bit of green
    05. Wearin' that loved on look
    06. Don't cry daddy
    07. Inherit the wind
    08. From a jack to a king
    09. In the ghetto
    10. Without love
    11. I'll hold you in my arms
    12. Memory revival (instrumental)
    13. Don't cry daddy
    14. Inherit the wind
    15. From a jack to a king
    16. In the ghetto
    17. Wearin' that loved on look

    Label: Majo MCD 027
    Released: 1993
    Sound quality: good

    Note: all tracks are alternate and undubbed mixes. Since the wonderful import releases "Finding The Way Home and "American Crown Jewels", older imports with this material offer nothing new.
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    I've once owned this CD and the best thing was when I find someone to buy it

    It really doesn't offer people that can't be found on better looking and sounding CD's. But it's a nice start for people who doesn't own many import CD's.
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