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Thread: Elvis For Trade Or Sale Including Real Last Concer

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    New Additions

    Elvis At Madison Square Garden
    Elvis Millenium (awesome talking CD)

    FTD Series?..

    Fame and Fortune
    Fun In Acapulco
    Girl Happy
    It Happened At The Worlds Fair
    Jungle Room Sessions
    Memphis Sessions ?69
    Out In Hollywood
    Silver Screen Stereo
    Studio B

    Kiss Me Quick The Little Sister Sessions (import)
    Lost Album
    Tiger Man ?68 Comeback Sitdown Performance
    Today, Tomorrow Forever 4 cds
    Aloha From Hawaii Complete PLUS private camera extra
    Footage (2 cdrs)
    Clamback from Malasya (2 cdrs)
    Live and Career (Tribute vcd-master from China)
    Elvis Rare live Footage and msg press conference ?72

    All of the '68 Comebacks
    All of "The King's Men" I think there is 6 or 7
    The Eyes Of Texas Are Upon You
    Animal Instinct
    Phoenix Over Tennessee
    Camera And Microphone Rehearsal
    Behind Closed Doors
    From Louisiana To Tennessee
    Chicago Beat
    Alt. Gold Records Vol. #3 Little Sister Sessions
    Final Concert
    Elvis Rocks Rapid City June 21, 1977
    Johnson City 03/17/76
    Getting The Florida Keys
    Take These Chains From My Heart
    The Memphis Record
    No Fooling Around
    Having Fun On Stage With Elvis all 5
    Desert Storm
    Hawaii USA
    Macon Magic
    Rockin' Chicago
    Lincoln NB June 20th, 1977
    All The King's Men (all of them)
    Absent Without Leave
    From The Vaults. Vol. #3 Blueberry Hill
    Blowing the Roof Off Feb. 5th, 1970
    Sold Out In Dixie
    Kansas City 1974
    International Earthquake
    King Masters (all)
    Private Elvis
    Private Moments
    The G.I. Years
    Blue Gypsy
    On Stage Feb. 1970 (Special Mix from Holland)
    Johnson City 03/19/76
    Elvis Red And Blue
    Profiles Vol. #1-#4
    Elvis Meets Presley
    '68 Comeback Collection
    (14 discs)
    The Last Show June 26th, 1977
    Presley At The Hilton Dec. 5th, 1976
    How Elvis Found The Funk
    Dallas '75 Uncensored!!
    I Shall Be Released
    Return To Splendour
    Elvis X-Rated
    Huntsville, Al June 1st, 1975
    Back Stage With Elvis
    Keep Following That Dream...The Complete Studio Sessions
    The Long Lost Home Recordings
    Candy Bars For Elvis
    The Day Elvis Died..Memphis Tennessee August 16th, 1977
    Soldier Boy Is Back
    Adios The Final Performance
    American Crown Jewels
    A Hot Winters Night In Dallas
    The Graceland Sessions
    Elvis Live Recordings..There's Good Rockin' Tonight (original cd)
    Elvis Scotty & Bill In The Beginning (original cd made in the EEC)
    Elvis Presley Live (Original cd a 'TRING' product)
    Hang Loose
    Burning In Birmingham
    Elvis Presley (Sealed original cd Louisiana Hayride shows)
    Elvis Presley Maybellene
    Elvis Presley Live (original cd from the UK)
    Vital Vegas
    Aloha From Hawaii (Japanese version)
    Aloha From Hawaii (original cd)
    Alternate Aloha
    Elvis In Concert CBS '77
    Elvis In Concert CBS Outtakes
    Complete Rapid City
    Complete Omaha, NH June of '77
    Sold Out in '72
    Jacksonville May 30th, 1977
    Louisiana Hayride...Hearts Of Stone (original cd)
    Louisiana Hayride..(With alternate cover original cd)
    Special "True Fans For Elvis" Silver Anniversary CD (Agusta Maine 05/24/77
    25th Anniversary Show
    Pine Bluff Sept '76
    Kansas City June 18th, 1977
    Run On Dec 7th, 1976
    Tomorrow Is A Long Time
    I'll Whoop His *** Vegas Feb. 18th, 1973
    Rags To Riches
    Lone Star
    Elvis Presley The Legend (original cd from World Star Productions 1984)
    Elvis Presley The Legend Begins
    Elvis Presley The One and Only (from Russia with magazine)
    Elvis & Friends..(original cds and box..Elvis sings some and 10 others are
    done by friends of Elvis)
    Elvis The Man In White..(original cd)
    USA PROMO Cd's The Legend Lives On
    In The Ghetto
    Stuck On You (these are the original Promo discs)
    USA PROMO Cd's The Legend Lives On
    Heartbreak Hotel
    Love Me Tender
    Hawaiian Oddities
    Elvis The Final Chapter (The final years of "The King of Rock & Roll")
    Rockin' The Nation Vol. #1
    3 Day Trip In Tennessee (3 vcds)
    Elvis "In The Army" PLUS
    Rockin' May '77
    Elvis & The Colonel..The Untold Story
    Eddie Fadal's Home Movies
    Elvis His Best Friend Remembers (original cd)
    "PARKER"...The shroudest manager of the all....The Untold Story
    Elvis..The Day he Died
    The King On Stage Vol. #3
    Elvis Presley Hot Shots And Cool Clips
    Elvis Rockin' On New Year's Eve..Pittsburg, PA Dec. 31, 1976
    Rockin' The Nation (All of them)
    Elvis Off The Record
    The Elvis I Knew
    The Elvis Files
    Sundial Sunset
    Elvis in Vegas..Bright Light City
    Tornado Over Omaha
    Elvis Oh Happy Day
    Elvis Memories
    Lisa-Marie Presley Promotion Video Disc
    Elvis Live In Atlanta
    Sizzlin' In St. Louis March 22, 1976
    Born To Perform
    Elvis The King On Stage
    Sensational In Cincinnati 1976
    From Long Beach To Anaheim
    There's Only One Elvis
    The Inimitable Elvis Presley

    Elvis Clips from all 33 films
    The G.I. Years Pt. 2
    Elvis Second To None
    A **** Fine Show
    Finding The Way Home
    Elvis Presley Mystery Train
    Blazing Into The Darkness
    Recorded Live On Stage In Shreveport

    I have ALL of the Movies..original vcr tapes

    CBS Special VCD....A+ guality
    Rapid City Concert with back stage footage, VCD
    B+ quality
    Omaha, NB Concert VCD....B quality
    6 Photos of Elvis at the last 4 concerts of his life.....AND....The very last show Indianapolis, Indiana CD A++ quality!!!! This is an awesome package, This is an exclusive package from "The King's Connection" Contact us at
    [email protected]
    We also have over 5,500 other Elvis items including the following...some at CRAZY LOW PRICES because we need to clear them out!!!
    Books, (some autographed by the author)
    Magazines $4.00 each 10 for $3.00 each
    Videos (Many rare!&#33
    CD's, cdr's, and vcd's, (many to choose from)
    ALL of Elvis' Movies in A+++ condition OR we have
    vcd's, or dvds of all his movie.(including
    the very hard to find "Girls, Girls, Girls"
    ORIGINAL 1957 items like...
    1956 Dog Tag anklet still on original card
    1956 Dog Tag Necklace
    1956 Color and B&W Flasher Buttons...These
    are getting very, very hard to find!!
    1956 Pocket Mirrors. (Color and B&W)
    Commemorative Coke & Pepsi Bottles 1998 & 1999
    1998 "Elvis In Concert" Program & Mug
    Tons of postcards
    Christmas Cards 2 poses
    Tons of different note paper with different
    Elvis photos on them
    Over 20 different Metal Signs all shapes and sizes
    (The rarest metal sign is Elvis & the Alien)
    Tons and tons of t-shirts
    over 20 different Christmas Ornaments...some
    with flasher photos and musical
    Light Switch Covers
    3 Different Types of Playing cards
    Casino Comp Cards from the RIO in Las Vegas
    has Elvis' photo on them
    Beautiful Elvis Clocks including swinging legs,
    large guitar shaped, and large round with
    beautiful b&g letters
    Paperweights, Stamps, Tape Measure key chains that
    were to be sold at the Portland Maine 1977
    Uno Cards, Concert Programs.."Elvis In Concert"
    Sat. August 16, 1997 Mid-South Coliseum,
    Memphis Tennessee..also have the COMPLETE
    VCD'S OF THIS CONCERT!! If you haven't seen
    it yet, you have to get one. It's the best
    Idea I have ever seen. It's like Elvis is
    right there on stage with you..
    Complete 'Last Will & Testiment'
    Many LPS including the very, very rare "Elvis" the first album with "Band 1 Band 2" on the labels
    Valued at about $1200...we are selling it cheap for $350.
    Dolls, jewelry, steins, inscense, teddy bears, hound dogs, pins, patches, jackets, sweatshirts,
    wine (3 different types ALL RARE now)
    Concert Belts
    Concert Jumpsuits
    Elvis & Racing items including....
    John Force & Elvis 1/64 Cars, helmuts,
    gas pumps
    Rusty Wallace & Elvis 1/64 "Elvis & TBC" car
    Awesome "Rockin' & Racin'" Hat & Tee
    Action sets like the 'Movie' set complete with car movie screen that flashes to different scenes of that one movie, even trash on the ground!!
    Tons of 8x10's autographed by people who were closley releated to Elvis....
    Elvis Autograph
    DJ Fontana
    Joe Esposito
    Ann Margret (very rare, plus it's on a
    rare promo photo from the movie)
    Julie Parrish
    Jim Hannaford
    Master Kang Rhee (Elvis' Karate Instructor)
    and many more!!!
    hundereds of photos all sizes color and black and white. Many are very rare candids
    cassettes, dolls,
    Hi. I jsut saw our posting about US Elvis records on the web, and would like to let you know that I have some at low prices. I have an Elvis business and would like to get out of carrying them around to all my elvis conventions.
    Most of them are $10-$15 or less except for one....I have the very, very rare Elvis' 1st lp and it has the "Band 1-Band 2" label. This is booked at $1,700. It's in very good condition and I'm looking for $400 for that one...Like I said I am trying to get rid of them...OR...I WOULD TRADE THEM FOR CD'S, CDR'S AND VCD'S...if you have any for trade...I would rather trade then sell is a list...
    Personally Elvis (Bootleg).....$9
    Good Rockin' Tonight.....(Rare 10" bootleg)....$10
    Ain't That Lovin' You Baby....(Rare 12" single)...$6
    Bossa Nova Baby...(Rare 12" single)...$6
    GI Blues (Original)....$8
    Elvis In Concert....(Original)...$10
    Golden Box Set...(6 lp set)....$15
    The '56 Sessions...$7
    From Ep Blvd...$8
    The Other Side box set...$12
    Blue Hawaii...$6
    Golden Records Vol #3...$5
    Burning Love....$5
    Frankie and Johnny...$5
    50,000,000 Fans Can't Be Wrong...$5
    C'mon Everybody...$5
    Le Disque D'or.....$7
    Golden Records...(original)....$7
    The Sun Years....(Original)...$6
    I Got Lucky....$4
    Having Fun With Elvis On Stage...(The talking album)...$9
    Black Vinyl gatefold Christmas album....$5
    Aloha From Hawaii...(Living Stereo original)...$13
    Elvis Country....$5
    From Elvis In Memphis....$6
    Elvis song Of Inspirations...$6
    Stereo '57 Essential Elvis....$8
    Blue Hawaii (Japanese pressing complete with banner)...$15
    Radio Shows (The Elvis Hour with cue sheets)....$9 each
    The Elvis Tapes...(Bootleg)....$7
    Love Songs....$5
    Valentines Gift For You..(red vinyl)...$10
    Paradise Hawaiian Style....$9
    Elvis In Person...$8
    Elvis Is Back...$7
    Million Dollar Quartet...(Bootleg) $10
    Plus I have a couple of 45's with colored vinyl, but no sleeves

    Over 5,000 Elvis photos..rare 1955-1977
    Candids rare black and white
    Candids rare color
    Concert B&W & Color
    All sizes?
    Fantastic Metal signs over 20 different ones

    Elvis items For TRADE OR SALE
    Elvisopoly Game $25 or b.o.
    huge 3-D Elvis Bust sculpture puzzle. Unopened and heavy $40 or b.o.One inch piece of Elvis' carpet from Graceland. This is on an 8x10 piece of cardboard with photo of carpet and written certificate of authenticity all lamanated. Picture is available $75 or b.o. VERY RARE 8mm Film Fun In Acapulco in original box mint++ condition. 8mm films are now very hard to some by. $85 or b.o. Beautiful Elvis pop-up book in mint++ condition $50 or b.o. Large hard cover book "Private Elvis" sealed with rare interview cd $45 or b.o. 25 different metal signs..."Elvis Presley Blvd"
    "Lonely Street" "G.I. Blues" "Teddy Bear" and many more $15 each or b.o. Elvis License plates $8 each or b.o. Rare set of Elvis wine in collector Black and Gold Graceland box, when the wine is gone. Elvis becomes visable on the label. $125 or b.o. Call 603-332-0036 or e-mail [email protected] Thanks for reading this

    STAMP COLLECTORS attention. I have over 45 unused complete and mint+++ sheets of Elvis stamps from around the world. These are beautiful stamps...$15 per sheet or b.o. if you want to take more of them a discount is possible.
    2004 marks the 50 year of Elvis' music career..I have some fantastic and VERY RARE autographs for sale or TRADE...All autographs are on 8x10" glossey photos...and in MINT+++ condition. Some are framed.
    (VERY RARE) B&W photo of Gov. George Wallace in his wheel chair shaking hands with Elvis. Autograph is in bold black permanent marker and very clear. This photo comes framed and matted...$175. RARE color PROMO Lobby Card of Elvis and Ann Margret in Speedway. Autograph is in bold blue permanent marker. It's rare because Ann almost never signed autographs. $125 or B.O. Elvis took karate almost all of his life. It was very important to him, and he used it all th time in his shows. I have 8 beautiful color photos of Elvis and Master Kang Rhee, autographed by Master Kang Rhee a couple of them are framed. $35 each or B.O. Fantastic RARE promo photo of Elvis and Stella Stevens autographed in permanent black marker by Stella $50 or B.O. Book written by Elvis' body guard Joe Esposito "Good Rockin' Tonight" autographed by Joe $50 or b.o. 4 B&W photos plus drum sticks of Elvis and DJ Fontana autographed by DJ in bold black marker $40 each or B.O. Next is a beautiful Framed and matted color photo of Elvis at his very last concert June 26th, 1977 Indianapolis, Indiana This concert was 6 weeks before Elvis passed away. Elvis' autograph is matted 2 inches below the photo on a 3x5 piece of paper. $300 or best offer. 6 color and b&w PROMO photos of Elvis and Julie Parrish..All photos are signed by Julie (who passed away the end of last year) in bold black marker (on the color) and silver bold pen on the b&w photos. $50 each or best offer. Mike McGreggers autograph on a color photo (this is the guy who made all of Elvis' belts) $30 or b.o. Golden Ride on the mystery train written and autographed by Jim Hannaford..$25 or b.o. Photos of these autographs are available if you would like to see them.

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    To much text to read , is the cd`s originals or cdr`s ?

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    Grrrrrrrrgh!!! Elvis played his final concert in Indianapolis (26th June 1977) over SEVEN weeks before his death!!! NOT SIX !!!! His concert in Rapid City (21st June) was EXACTLY 8 weeks before his death, and Indianapolis was seven weeks and two days before his death.
    (Blackmore - Gillan - Glover - Lord - Paice)
    Sweet child in time
    you?ll see the line
    line that?s drawn between
    good and bad
    see the blind man
    shooting at the world
    bullets flying taking toll
    If you?ve been a bad
    oh Lord I bet you have
    and you?ve not been hit
    by flying led
    you?d better close your eyes
    you?d better bow your head and
    wait for the ricochet

    - Lyrics of most beautiful song in rock music ever!!!

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    I'm glad you mentioned that, Peter. It's perhaps not all that significant, but you do always hear that Elvis's last show was given six weeks prior to his death, when in fact it was seven. I've noted that too. won't forget me when I go.

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