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    Movin' Mobile

    Movin' Mobile


    01. I got a woman / Amen
    02. Love me
    03. If you love me let me know
    04. Love me tender (with false start)
    05. All shook up
    06. Teddy bear / Don't be cruel
    07. Hound dog
    08. The wonder of you (with false start)
    09. Burning love
    10. Band introductions
    11. Johnny B Goode
    12. Drum solo by Ronnie Tutt
    13. Fender bass solo by Jerry Scheff
    14. Piano solo by Glenn Hardin
    15. Introductions continued
    16. School days
    17. T.R.O.U.B.L.E. (small edit)
    18. I'll remember you
    19. Why me Lord
    20. Let me be there (with reprise)
    21. American trilogy
    22. Funny how time slips away (with reprise)
    23. Little darlin'
    24. Mystery train / Tiger man
    25. Can't help falling in love
    - Closing riff

    26. Let me be there (Cincinatti, March 21, 1976) (stereo recording)

    Label: Madison CWP 08 MS
    Released: 2004
    Sound quality: very good (soundboard)

    Date: June 2, 1975 (Afternoon show)
    Location: Mobile

    Jumpsuit: Silver phoenix suit

    Reviews: n/a
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    A review I did for The Elvis Still Active In Norway Website

    Madison, the last bootleg label standing proud, deliveries the goods again. Moving Mobile comes with the traditional eye candy design that become the trademark of the label, with a great cover and rare pictures coupled with informative liner notes.

    The show is a typical June 1975 show, which by no means is bad. As we are familiar, in this period Elvis seemed to be extremely happy and enjoying being on stage. The song list is well balanced and the songs are equally well treated.

    Elvis voice is a little shack in some of those shows, but this is not distracting and Elvis good humor makes up for it. His health conditions were still plaguing him, but as the months went by he was getting better and better.

    It all started good in Vegas in March, but in April and May he was again feeling unwell. By June he had stabilized himself again, and in July, his voice would be fully recovered again, culminating with a strong season in Vegas in December.

    The tape, as is common to almost all June 75 shows is incomplete, beginning at the end of the 'Amen' segment. All in all, this afternoon in Mobile is full of energy and good humor, and Elvis treated the audience with a no "BS" show.

    The first performance we got to hear in full is the well know and worn 'Love Me', quickly and careless done, as usual by this time.

    'If You Love Me' is the first "real" performance of the CD and Elvis delivers a good performance of this classic live number. 'Love Me Tender' is next and is done with a little more care than it would be done in the latter years. The same goes for the 50's medley, 'All Shook Up' and 'Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel'.

    'Hound Dog' comes as a surprise, as Elvis puts a little more effort in the performance, resembling (just a little) his performance in the comeback special. A nice surprise.

    'The Wonder Of You' is also a good performance, but it doesn't have the firmness of the early versions, like the 1974 versions that are much more strong and better vocally done. But it is a nice addition to any set list.

    Elvis shake things up with one of his best songs of all time, the rocking 'Burning Love'. Done with power it is a great performance, even if Elvis "scats" the final part. The band is cooking and so is Elvis.

    After the introductions with the familiar (but good) members solos, his most recent single and one of his finest songs, the thong twister 'T-R-O-U-B-L-E' gets a rocking rendition. Unfortunately the tape is damaged in the middle of the song, therefore making it incomplete.

    Aloha From Hawaii's 'I'll Remember You' is another nice surprise. Elvis haves the tendency of joking and laugh his way thru the song, but not this time. He delivers a nice piece, straight to the end.

    The same cannot be said about 'Why My Lord?', where Elvis cracks up JD Summer's solo in an insanely way. Some people may find it a bit boring to have Elvis "destroying" the seriousness of the song, but in reality is just Elvis having a good time on stage and pleasing the crowd, in a way that only he can do.

    The show picks up highly with an energetic 'Let Me Be There'. Always a perfect "live" song, Elvis is obviously enjoying singing it, as he repeats the end, much for the crowd delight.

    By now, Elvis was probably tired of 'American Trilogy' as we can clearly see that he doesn't pay too much attention to the song anymore. This, however, doesn't prevent it to be a good and enjoyable performance, complete with the powerful ending. It also seems that Elvis was attacked in stage by a more excited fan as you can hear a baffled noise as something was in Elvis mouth(!). He later asks about the girl that jumped on stage, saying that all she did was got a bunch of hair in his mouth.

    'Funny How Time Slips Away' is charmingly done, with little joking. The funny 'Little Darling' would be the last song before the ending, if someone in the audience didn't have asked for 'Mystery Train'. Thanks for it; as it is a kicking performance and the band is also doing a great job.

    As usual, 'Can't Help Falling In Love' wraps up the evening in Alabama. Overall, another great show from the King. Not as strong as the shows in July or December that year, but very enjoyable all the way long. Good vocal performance, and extra effort put by Elvis in some oldies like 'Hound Dog' and the ballad 'I'll Remember You' makes this CD a cut above some other shows from the same tour, like the ones in Dallas and Houston. It is not as strong as the Show in Memphis that ended the tour, but if you're looking for a good show from this tour you can safely go to it. You wont regret it.

    Show: 4 of 5
    Sound: 4 of 5

    ? Sergio Luiz Fi?a Biston, December 2004.

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    Smile Not essential, but good to have

    Another show form June 1975. By now we nearly got them all, but still this cd is interesting. Although not complete, the soundboard recording does sound nice, with a little hiss on the tape. Elvis' performance is good, he's relaxed and sings with a great voice. The selection of songs is familiar, but still nice to hear. The artwork of the cd is well done, too. This is not a must have, but a nice addition to everybodys collection.

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    good shows from 75
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Mobile front.jpg  

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    Good show,good sound quality and fantastic artwork.

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