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Thread: Elvis Talking Live On Stage - Parts 1 & 2

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    Elvis Talking Live On Stage - Parts 1 & 2

    Part 1


    Part 2
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    Those were great! Thanks for posting.


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    Gosh, I thought those were kind of sad.

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    Sad indeed.

    Forever Best Friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by TotallyInsane View Post
    Sad indeed.
    VERY sad. Isn't this the infamous College Park show where he fell out of the limo?

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    I've heard these and they are somewhat funny if you can forget the time in his life that they were recorded. But I do like the part of one of the LP's that has all of the "Welllllllll.......well, well, welll, welll........." because I just love the way he sinks his teeth into it.
    "More people today should see him not simply as a performer, but as an artist with a great soul."

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    That is just heartbreaking. I have never heard that part of that particular concert before. His speech is so slurred that I feel embarrassed just listening to it. I am so amazed that even with his rambling on the fans are so excited and just swallowing up everything he is saying! I guess they are so in awe of just being there.
    It is so easy to ask "How did it ever get to that point?" How did he ever get on that stage and perform in that state? Yet you listen to the audience and it is true nobody noticed it. If I was there that night I would never have noticed it either because he was ELVIS PRESLEY! Just being in the same room with him was probably so overwhelming that everything he did or said was just perfect.
    That is what makes it all so sad. Elvis Presley was just a human being like all of us and I think for many it took his death for that realization to become fact!

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    Thanks, for posting Jen.
    I haven't heard these before...


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