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Thread: Was It True

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    Question Was It True

    Had Elvis started writinga book about his life just before he sadly passed away?I did read something about this a while ago and if he was do you think we will ever get to see what he was writing? just curious

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    Geller states that EP bequeathed that task to him ............ and Geller kept EP's words written in a "Diary" form ...................... written on the back of (I think) tour / concert itineraries & related documents.


    In short, unfortunately (despite what some would like others to believe), ........ EP never wrote a book or kept a diary in any way shape or form ----------------> EXCEPT perhaps, ............

    .... for his private notes / thoughts / comments / underlinings / markings ...... that he routinely jotted down in the margins or made - being the bibliophile that he was - in books from his private library.

    - Capt. "EL."

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    I believe there was always talk from Elvis (and encouragement from those around him) about writing his autobiography, but as Capt. El said, aside from occassional notes that Elvis may have jotted down, there was no known attempt by Elvis to ever assemble an autobiography.

    Besides....could you just imagine what all of Elvis' friends, family, etc. would have done if Elvis HAD written his own autobiography....VERY FEW of them would have been able to get their books published!!! (Not many people would want to buy a book from someone else's point of view, when you had the actual story of Elvis' life and career as told by ELVIS HIMSELF!)


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