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Thread: "Why Can't Every Day Be Like Christmas?"

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    "Why Can't Every Day Be Like Christmas?"

    Cliff's video - I asked Cliff, if I may borrow for a while, his beautiful clip, with Elvis' beautiful, beautiful song. I was so taken with the work Cliff put into this beautiful song with the heartfelt and thoughtful pictures, and their meanings......

    "Why Can't Every Day Be Like Christmas?" ??????????

    It's beautiful, please watch!

    Thank you, Cliff!


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    Oh My Godness!! This is a very beautiful video Kimmi!!! Thank you for sharing it dear!! And Cliff, you have a wonderful soul!! AMAZING!! This song is beautiful... I use to listen to his Christmas songs even in summer. It is like I had no any idea before what Christmas is all about, but when I hear his songs, I know it and I feel it.

    I LOVE
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