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Thread: Elvis At 72 Years Old (Picture)

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    Hey dj Ethan, great and fertile imagination you have but cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leroy View Post
    Going back to the first posted picture..... I don't know why people take an old picture from the 1950's and work from there on to make Elvis look older. We all know what Elvis looked like at age 42. To create a picture what Elvis would have looked like at age 72 they should take a most recent picture of Elvis and work from there......
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    Quote Originally Posted by ricardo b. prospero View Post
    Hey dj Ethan, great and fertile imagination you have but cool.
    Thank You Mate

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    If anyone has seen pics of Jerry Lee Lewis you would see that he looks alot like the top right picture. So who knows what elvis would have looked like in his 70's? Maybe he would look alot like robert wagner in his 70's?
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    That was interesting - I didn't care for either of the two aging photos, tho. I agree with LeRoy, start from a picture in his 40's. I kinda wonder what he'd look like now, I picture him more like Vernon, even though I don't think he ever really favored Vernon as a young adult.

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    Re: Elvis At 72 Years Old (Picture)

    Col Jon Burrows
    I don't like seeing photos like this....just not into that type of thing lol..
    Quote Originally Posted by shelley.m. View Post
    I agree with you,Brad.
    I agree with you both!!

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    Re: Elvis At 72 Years Old (Picture)

    None of those are Elvis. Someone is just trying to play with your mind.

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    Re: Elvis At 72 Years Old (Picture)

    wow help Elvis is dead. the one some think he is alive is blind or a alien. Elvis is DEAD nothing else

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    Re: Elvis At 72 Years Old (Picture)

    I mean the whole Elvis is dead. his body too. not the name is the thing some is dead. everything about him is dead.

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    Re: Elvis At 72 Years Old (Picture)

    You have to factor in that he would have most likely have had plastic surgery as Priscilla did and so many other famous stars do. Elvis had already begun to have small plastic surgery at the time of his death.
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    Re: Elvis At 72 Years Old (Picture)

    He was a great friend of Liberaces, but look how he looked at the end, glad no pics of Elvis like that can exist

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