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Thread: An Elvis On Tour DVD/CD Boxset

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    An Elvis On Tour DVD/CD Boxset

    Will we see something similar to the TTWII complete works boxset done by a import label in the future.

    Madison have already reissued the Greensboro and Richmond performances in Superb sound, but maybe to have them all together in the set like this would be something still nice to have. I for one think it would be a great thing, especially if it offered some new unseen footage, in superior quality than the outtakes that are already out here. I mean, the demand from the fans is most definitley there, its just up to the makers now.

    I think that would look great on the shelf next to the TTWII set once its out. What do you think
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    As I said in another similiar thread about this topic, I STRONGLY suspect that one of the major import labels will put together something like this LONG BEFORE RCA will get around to it.

    And THAT would be a MAJOR injustice to Elvis fans....that the man's own record label would be beaten to the punch like that. But then again, after all these years, we should be used to it...


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