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Thread: New look on my site

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    New look on my site

    I have change the look on my site completly, all sections will have that look, the picture section are online with the new look and a few new pictures that i have never had up before.
    The picture section will have LESS pictures than i have had up in past, shit.... at times i have had almost 400 pictures online, no other site have that much quality pictures online at the same time, so i will have to limited it a bit.
    But the size will be the best you can get on the net, and yes, it will have my url on them, not as strong as they wher on the old site, but they are there.
    So please check it out, and tell me what you think of the new look, but remember, im only in the start on this big job.

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    Looks nice Kenny....and i'm sure it will look even better as time goes by. I know what its like...i am working on yet another face lift for my own site....but it seems to take forever

    If you need any only have to drop me a line mate though i know that doing your own thing can give alot more satisfaction.....

    Terrific pictures by the way :worthy: :worthy:
    TCB Chris.


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    Kenny,good job on the new look.Now,how do you get to be a member of the forum?,as i have tryed for a long time.

    HELLO,I MUST BE GOING."s been a privilege to be called your best mate.17.03.55 - 24.01.08

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    Kenny, the topside.jpg isn't displaying because you have it linked to an image in 'my documents' on your hard drive.

    Same thing with the topleft.jpg on some pages.

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    good work kenny . great new look for a GREAT website keep up the good work... simmerrocks

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    Today i got the 4 latest cd`s from the Chezh fan club (memory records) so if you guy`s dont have the covers yet, they will be on my site tomorrow, all good scans

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    Looks good Kenny, good luck with the job

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