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Thread: The Original Cast 2008 Tour

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    The Original Cast 2008 Tour

    On October 14, 2008 the Belgian/ Dutch fan club ElvisMatters organized the first leg of the two concerts from the fan club in the 2008 original cast tour.

    The Opening Act
    After an entertaining video on the two big screens showing how the fan club kept the memory of Elvis Presley alive the last five years. The presentation of our man striking various poses with the bombastic “Oh Fortuna” really worked great.
    The evening was opened by the Dutch singer Maarten Jansen; a well known singer in the European Elvis circuit delivering the Kings legacy with his big voice. Tonight he did a nice set of fifties classics backed by two guitarists and a drummer. They performed an entertaining set with some original choices like “Shopping Around”.

    The Main Act

    The main act was of course the TCB Band – almost complete – with the Imperials, the Sweets, keyboard player John Feur, the orchestra backing Terry Mike Jeffrey. Ronnie Tutt wasn’t present in Eindhoven, and to be honest, I didn’t miss him musically. His replacement, Paul Leim, really drummed the skin of is drums.
    The set list a pretty recognizable Elvis show, so was the performance of the songs themselves. With Glenn D. Hardin and Joe Guercio on stage that is not so strange as the provided most of the original arrangements we know so well.
    Terry Mike proved to be a great singer with a nice voice and plenty volume, but sound-wise I would have preferred Maarten on several ballads like “You Gave Me A Mountain” and “Just Pretend” for the warmth and bass is voice has. That doesn’t take-a-way the great performance Terry Mike Jeffrey gave on show stoppers like “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”.
    The only minor during the show was that the orchestra and band were out of sync a few times or certain sections were too loud. Just like with the original "Elvis The Concert" details of all that happened on stage were shown on two big screens by two cameramen running a small marathon trying to capture it all for the fans in the audience.

    Usually “Suspicious Minds” is the highlight of the evening, but yesterday my personal highlights were “Johnny B. Goode” on which all TCB members showed why Elvis picked them for his band and the Gospel Medley performed by the Sweets, Imperials and Terry Mike Jeffrey. That segment got the audience off and on their chairs.
    In a smaller venue like you enjoy this version of “Elvis The Concert” with a real singer in front of the original cast more up close and personal. If it was the last time the original cast sets foot on European ground with a show like this, I can say I was there.
    Thanks for a great evening again!
    If you want to experience this show yourself visit for the tor schedule and the last tickets.
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    I was also at the show in Oslo, Norway!

    And it was fantastic!

    I think Paul Leim did a good job on the drums!
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    Thanks for postin Brad..
    I would love to see this show one day..
    "There's A Sweet Sweet Spirit In This Place"....

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    I saw the show sunday in Belgium...
    unforgettable....amazing versions of "how great thou art", "mary in the morning" , "It's midnight" and "Trilogy"
    Old Times they are not forgotten

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