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Thread: The Soundboard Films Vol. 4 DVD Preview

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    The Soundboard Films Vol. 4 DVD Preview

    The Soundboard Films Vol. 4 - Kansas City Blues

    The fourth installment of this wonderful series is finally here, and it rocks! The dvd opens with the June 29, 1974 Evening performance showcasing E in the beautiful American Eagle Suit. E is in a fantastic mood on this evening and it shows in his mood as he screams at the top of his lungs "I Love All of Yall!" to the delight of the crowd. The 2nd concert featured on the dvd set is titled "High Voltage! Birmingham '76 Revisited" and showcases the man in the Inca Gold suit from December 29, 1976. This show has circulated for years, but for the very first time in history, the entire 75 minute performance is here, expertly synched to the newly discovered Stereo recording of this concert. This particular show is one of his best in years, let alone 1976. When he dedicates "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" to Ginger, you could hear a pin drop in between words, that's how magical this performance is. A true treat for all Elvis fans and a must-have for collectors!
    You can watch a 10 minute preview of this dvd at:

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