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Thread: Elvis sings ''Turn around,look at me''

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    Smile Elvis sings ''Turn around,look at me''

    A couple lines of it at least but he sounds amazing.Wish he would of sung it more often!

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    Yes!! Elvis always could make any song sound wonderful. Thank you

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    To bad he did not do the whole song-great attempt out of nowhere.

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    this is so cool, i'd only heard the other one where all he sings is "turn around look at me". [someone in the audience , apparently from the really cheap seats behind him, yells 'turn around' so they could take his picture or something and he does turn around and sings that line.] great song from a great man, just my opinion!
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    Didn't Glen Campbell do that song as well?
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    Don't know but sure would like to have heard him do the whole song!!

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    I would have loved a studio version of this song in 1963

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    Wow a studio version from the 70's would have been great. **** Elvis was great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shelley.m. View Post
    Didn't Glen Campbell do that song as well?
    Yes he did! Glen had a hit with the song in late 60's
    You Remember That Donach Ya?

    Later Elton ^j^

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