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    Stateline California

    Stateline California


    01. 2001: A space odyssey
    - See see rider
    02. I got a woman / Amen
    03. Love me tender
    04. Steamroller blues
    05. Help me make it through the night
    06. You gave me a mountain
    07. Love me
    08. Blue suede shoes
    09. Long tall Sally/Whole lotta shakin' goin' on/Flip Flop and Fly
    10. I'm leavin'
    11. Hound dog
    12. Fever
    13. What now my love
    14. Suspicious minds
    15. Band introductions
    16. I'll remember you
    17. I can't stop loving you
    18. Bridge over troubled water
    19. Big hunk o' love
    20. Can't help falling in love
    21. Closing riff

    Label: Claudia CL 051073
    Released: 1995
    Sound quality: average (audience recording)

    Date: May 10, 1973 (Midnight show)
    Location: Lake Tahoe

    Jumpsuit: (?)

    Reviews: n/a

    Note: this is the same show as on: "Return To Lake Tahoe".
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    Elvis sings his usual songs in the usual style. Nothing special, but still a very good show. The cover of the cd can be called colorful and the sound of the audience taped concert is average.

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