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Thread: '68 Comeback, The

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    '68 Comeback, The

    '68 Comeback, The


    01. Nothingville/Guitar Man/Let yourself go/Guitar man/Big boss man
    02. If I can dream (instrumental)
    03. Memories
    04. Let yourself go (instrumental)
    05. It hurts me
    06. Trouble / Guitar man
    07. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child/Where could I go but to the Lord/Up above my head/Saved
    08. A little less conversation (instrumental)
    09. Little Egypt / Trouble (no.1)
    10. Guitar man (no.7,9)
    11. It hurts me
    12. Trouble (disco, no.1)
    13. If I can dream (no.1)
    14. Trouble (disco, no.2)
    15. If I can dream (no.2)
    16. Guitar man (no.10)
    17. Uh-huh-huh
    18. Trouble (supperclub, no.1)
    19. Let yourself go
    20. Trouble (supperclub, no.2,3)
    21. Little Egypt / Trouble (no.2)

    Label: Golden Archives MKW 101-102
    Released: 1990
    Sound quality: good

    Date: June 28,30, 1968
    Location: Burbank

    Reviews: n/a
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    This is a real fine cd of outtakes for '68 comeback fans.
    The sound is very good.
    But after the RCA releases: "Tiger man" and the double cd "The '68 Comeback". And after the recent DVD release, I think this one is not needed anymore.
    Just interesting for the instrumental version of "If I Can Dream".

    Nice cd, good sound, but for the fan who wants it all.

    (slightly edited by Sonny)

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    Very nice LP / CD release!
    Great cover, great tracks, great quality and Elvis in perfect mood

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    jeff mudaliar
    How to get a copy? Anyone can help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeff mudaliar View Post
    How to get a copy? Anyone can help?
    go to and look under the FTD cd's with the title "Let Yourself Go FTD CD" and "Burbank '68"


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    jeff mudaliar
    Hi Laura, thank you. Unfortunately, I was looking for the one displayed here. But thanks anyway.

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    Re: '68 Comeback, The

    the cd releasae is a must for every elvis fan if he have not the vinyl release.

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