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Thread: Rarely seen pics....?

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    Rarely seen pics....?

    I know some of you might have seen these before..but I think they're kinda rare..

    Wade ( HRH )
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    i've seen the second one on cilla' website..that was from after their divorce court

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    Hardcore comments:

    A number of items visible in those two photos have made their way into private hands:

    - car

    - EP's jogging suit

    - Divorce court necklace, initialed "EP" (I believe, gifted from the Hilton to Elvis that same year - 1973).

    - Divorce court "Flag Lapel" pin (long pole version) - EP heavily favored these Patriotic American pins in the early 70's. He started out with simple plain types, progressing to rhinestone, and later ......... jewel encrusted versions (gold / diamond / ruby / sapphire). Many multiple originals of this item out & about.

    - Capt. "EL."

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