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Thread: Flaming Star (1960)

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    Flaming Star (1960)


    Theatrical-Release: 1960
    Studio: 20th Century Fox
    Director: Don Siegel
    Producer: David Weisbart
    Film Lenght: 101 minutes
    Colour/B&W: Colour

    Pacer Burton - Elvis Presley
    Clint Burton - Steve Forrest
    Roslyn Pierce - Barbara Eden
    Neddy Burton - Dolores Del Rio
    Sam Burton - John McIntire
    Buffalo Horn - Rudolph Acosta
    Dred Pierce - Karl Swenson
    Doc Phillips - Ford Rainey
    Indian - Red West

    Elvis plays the role of a halfbreed Indian. His mother, Dolores Del Rio is a full Kiowa Indian.

    After their friends and neighbours get massacred by Kiowa Indians, the towns people turn against Elvis and his family. They want to know who's side they're on.
    Elvis' father, John McIntyre says his family just want to live in peace.
    Neither the townspeople or the Kiowa accept this decision.

    When Dolores Del Rio gets shot by a survivor of the massacre, Elvis decides to join the Kiowa.
    After an Indian war party kills McIntyre, Steve Forrest, Elvis' brother, starts fighting the Kiowa alone. When he attacks and kills the Indian chief he gets severely wounded himself as well.
    Elvis leaves the Indians to try and save his brother. He ties him to his horse and sends him back to town.
    Then Elvis starts fighting the Kiowa.

    At the end of the story, Steve Forrest sees Elvis arriving in the small town, bend over his horse and very near death.
    He tells his brother he's going into the mountains to die, because he has seen the flaming star of death.

    Already in 1958 Twentieth Century Fox had purchased the rights to the novel "The Brothers Of Broken Lance" by Clair Huffaker. In June of that same year Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra were announced to play the roles of Pacer and Clint Burton.
    Two years later, after the title had changed from "The Brothers Of Flaming Arrow" to "Flaming Lance" it was announced that Elvis would play the starring role.

    The movie title changed several times, from "Flaming Heart", "Flaming Lance" to "Black Star". Elvis even recorded the title song as "Black Star".
    Finally it was decided "Flaming Star" would be the title.

    Filming started on August 16, 1960. Location shots were made on three ranches in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles, including the Conejo movie ranch near Thousand Oaks, California.

    The movie reached No.12 on Variety's weekly list of top-grossing movies.

    Red West broke his arm during a fighting scene.

    "Flaming Star" was banned in South Africa due to strict racial laws.

    Flaming Star
    A Cane And A High Starched Collar

    DVD review
    CD release


    Movie Trailer:

    [ame=""]YouTube- Elvis Presley - "Flaming Star" (Movie Trailer). 1961[/ame]
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    I'm not a big fan of westerns. So, I don't watch this film often. But when I do I always enjoy it. Excellent script, director and supporting cast. I love the title tune sung over the opening credits, but I wish they would have cut
    "Cane And A High Startched Collar". Whole sequence seemed to contrived.
    Oh, wait. This is an Elvis movie.
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    Flaming Star shows us Elvis' best acting performances.

    It's a very good western at that, directed by Don Siegel. Siegel perhaps can be called one of the most controversial American directors.
    During his 49 year career he produced some of the most memorable American cinema films.
    For instance the often imitated "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers" in 1956. And of course the controversial cop thriller: "Dirty Harry" in 1971.
    Among the average viewer he's probably best known for his working relation with Clint Eastwood, whom he directed five times.

    Flaming Star got released in 1960. It was a different Elvis movie then any of the ones Elvis did before (and probably after).
    First of all it featured just two songs. The title song only to be heard during the opening and ending credits, and "A Cane And A High Starched Collar", which is sung at the family's home and not really disturbing the storyline of the movie.
    It was supposed to feature one more song: "Summer Kisses Winter Tears", sung by Elvis when visiting his Indian relatives in their Indian camp.
    Thank God they decided to cut it from the final picture, since it would've been completely out of place.

    Elvis plays a young man who is raised by a white father and an Indian mother. When the Indian tribe declares war to the white men in their territory he's forced to choose between two worlds.
    Originally the part was written to star Marlon Brando. It was re-written to have Elvis play the starring role.
    Elvis plays a young half-Kiowa man who finds himself caught in a strting war between the Kiowa indians and the white settlers.
    When trying not to choose sides his world ends up in chaos and bloodshed.
    Elvis does a terrific job to say the least.

    With Siegel directing we get to watch a great western, which handles the obvious problems between two cultures in a very serious manner.
    This isn't the lightweight movie one would expect with Elvis starring. It's so different from the musicals we all know so well.
    Perhaps this would've been his chance to get away from the lighthearted musicals and start a more serious acting career.

    For an early sixties western it has a lot of action, an interesting storyline, and at times is even a bit tougher then some of the John Wayne westerns from those days.

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    THANKS Sonny... a very nice review.

    I'm not going to write a review (exactly ) just want to say that I loved Elvis acting in this movie. Also like Dolores Del Rio, she was a famous star by then in México.
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    It's not the most pleasurable or entertaining movie to watch, but it shows Elvis tried more serious roles too.

    I think it's difficult forcing different races/tribes to live together. Some say the Indians are the bad guys, but who would appreciate their land being taken over? Would you say "oh come on in, rape our land" (don't mean to say Elvis' white family in the movie did that - it's certain that the Indians were massacred, though) - that can't be!

    Okay, I don't mind people from different races marrying each other on a voluntary basis, but it's dangerous forcing tribes and races to give up their land, culture and such - and this movie shows that.

    The songs from this movie are small in numbers, but worthwhile quality-wise!
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    good info
    keep smiling and rock and rollin' and loving elvis!!

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    Updated with movie trailer.


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    well it hsowed elvis could act and a more serious side to him the movie was good

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    This is how the British music paper "New Musical Express" reviewed the film back in 1961.

    Keith Goodwin declares - ELVIS REALLY ACTS IN 'FLAMING STAR'

    Here's some good advice for all you smug cynics who claim that Elvis Presley can't act - go and see "Flaming Star" at London's Rialto cinema. You'll thoroughly enjoy this well-made, unpretentious Western - and Elvis' assured acting will make you eat your words!

    This is Presley's sixth film - and easily his best. It gives him an opportunity to really act and he comes through with flying colours. The story is interesting enough to make you forget that he is a world-famous pop star, and forces you to accept him as an actor doing a very worthwhile job.

    Elvis' role is undoubtedly his most demanding to date and he brings life and conviction to the part of Pacer, a half-breed Indian. His acting reflects greater depth and understanding than ever before, and his disciplined, confident performance is most impressive.

    The main difference between "Flaming Star" and other Presley films is that in this instance, his singing is cut to a bare minimum. There are only two songs - "Flaming Star," a medium-paced affair sung over the opening credits, and "Cane And A High Starched Collar," a square dance-flavoured opus performed during a short part sequence.

    It struck me that both were thrown into the film simply to please the pop fans. They don't fit into the story in anyway, but they certainly don't hinder it. Both songs, in fact, come in the first five minutes of the movie - and after that the story really gets underway.

    "Flaming Star" is really more than a good old-fashioned cowboys and Indians adventure yarn. When fighting breaks out between the whites and the Indians, Presley - because of his mixed parentage - finds himself unable to take sides and lands up in some ugly situations.

    There's quite a lot of feudin' and fightin' to keep the plot moving, and some of the fight sequences are rather more brutal than expected. In addition to a fist fight, Elvis also gets involved in a knife battle - extremely well done, but not the sort of thing that's going to stop you biting your nails!

    Aside of Presley's noteworthy performance, there's also a fine portrayal of his step-brother, Clint, by Steve Forrest, plus some convincing work by John McIntire (as their father). In short, this is a good enjoyable film - the sort of picture that is going to make people say: Elvis can act!

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    I think Elvis did well in this movie, and he looked so handsome in it too

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    Updated with new trailer.


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    Re: Flaming Star (1960)

    Fantastic work on Flaming did indeed show Elvis was a good actor. The role fit him prfectly, and there was a certain bit of humor he pulled off if you all remember. that the cheif was on his horse saying if you are my brother, then come out and we can talk (not exact wording) and Elvis was inside speaking through covered windows. He replied, I can stay in my house and speak to my brother just as easy. LOL
    I do love this movie so much!

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    Re: Flaming Star (1960)

    Thank you Genie!

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    Re: Flaming Star (1960)

    Yes,I agree with Genie!
    For all the new topic of the Elvis's Movies

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    Re: Flaming Star (1960)

    Updated with new trailer!

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    Re: Flaming Star (1960)

    Production: August 16 – October 4, 1960
    USA sneak previews: November 23 and 25, 1960
    USA premiere: December 20, 1960
    USA national opening: December 21, 1960
    UK private sneak preview: January 11, 1961
    Swedish premiere: February 10, 1961
    German premiere: March 17, 1961
    Norwegian premiere: April 27, 1961
    Danish premiere: July 24, 1961

    Working title: ”Flaming Lance”, ”Flaming Heart”, ”Black Star” and ”Black Heart”
    German title: ”Flammender Stern” (”Flaming Star”)
    French title: "Les Rôdeurs De La Plaine"
    Spanish & Mexican title: "Estrella De Fuego"
    Itailian title: "Stella Di Fuoco"
    Danish title: ”Flammende Stjerne” (”Flaming Star”)
    Norwegian title: ”Den Flammende Stjerne” (”The Flaming Star”)
    Swedish title: ”Halvblodet” (”The Half-Breed”)
    Swedish rerelease title: ”Vild Man I Texas” (”Wild Man In Texas”)
    Finnish title: "Puoliverinen"
    Yugoslavian title: "Plamteca Zvijezda"
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