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Thread: Elvis, Tupelo, Roy Turner interview

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    Elvis, Tupelo, Roy Turner interview

    Hi Gang,
    If you want to know ANYTHING about Elvis' early days and his childhood in Tupelo, Roy Turner is your man.

    Roy Turner also is one of the truly good guys in Elvis & historical exploration.
    He became great friends with Brother Frank and Elvis' Aunt Lillian and a hundred others from Elvis' Tupelo past.

    He was the major source of research behind Elaine Dundy's book 'Elvis and Gladys' and was the author of the recent MRS book 'Tupelo's Own; Elvis presley'.

    Through Roy the US Biography channel will be screening a recut of his 2006 documentary 'Homecoming: Tupelo Welcomes Elvis'. This will provide more genuinely important national historical exposure of why Elvis is important - as opposed to the "E! on line" type of stuff.

    Roy Turner is also one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet.
    It is a joy to personally know him, and to have had the chance to do a long interview with him just this last week.

    If you are in Tupelo for this weekend's Elvis Festival be sure to say "Hi" to him - Roy is a font of fascinating Elvis information.

    Go here for the special interview

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    Thanks,Piers. I'd love to see the film.
    Love the "Godshots" terminology . Occasionally, I've discovered something the same way. It can't always be explained; it just happens.
    That's what makes any researcher/historian keep doing what they do.
    Like it was something meant to be discovered just at that time.
    I loved Elaine Dundy ; I think I would enjoy this as well.
    Thanks for the great interview !!
    "I have learned never to ridicule any man's opinion, however strange it may seem."

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    I really like this interview. It goes right along with what I was told Tupelo was like back then. It makes some excellent points.

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